Wednesday, April 18, 2012

LCD Display of DL06 PLC

The possible D0-06 LCD is a cost efficient panel of LCD display that is simple to install. This device is presented specially for the PLCs of DL06.

Display of 16 X 2 backlit
The display of 16 characters x 2 row installs directly on the PLC face. The LCD is backlit and is easily reached with the 7 function keys on the face of the display.

Data values Monitor or change
You can show registers of V-memory, status of I/O, mode of PLC, or system faults without breaking off the control function of PLC. Display messages needed for monitoring or alarm purposes can be imported or preprogrammed as data ASCII.

Protection of Password
Two password protection layers avoid not permitted changes to setup of clock and calendar and data values of V-memory. Each password authorization can amend calender, clock, values of V-memory, bits of force on or off, etc.

One easy ladder instruction is utilized to arrange the display. The instruction of LCD configuration is presented in DirectSOFT, ver. 4.0 or later. The handheld programmer of D2-HPP does not support LCD configuration of DL06. The User Manual of DL06 explains more wholly the operation and installation of the LCD D0-06.

Snap in installation
The display sets up simply into any model PLC of DL06. Take out power to the PLC before removing or installing the display of LCD. Eliminate the cover of plastic by sliding the coat to the left.
Change individual bits or display or 32-bit double values of word from V-memory.

Navigation of Keypad
The 7 function keys on front of the LCD display offer navigation via menu items or messages. Messages breakdown into 2 categories:
• User-defined preprogrammed messages
• Error messages
The default screen is showed when power-up. The screen default can be user-defined. The seven menu options let you to see or amend all accessible values of data.

Menu options
Depressing the key of Menu obtains you to the last menu of accessed. Every time you depress the key of Menu (or if you just hold the key of menu down) the display will pace throughout all menu options.

There are 7 integrated menus. Use the key of Menu to place the menu you require, and depress the key of Enter to look or amend values. Depress and hold the key of Menu from the message screen or a default screen. The screen will scroll throughout the following alternatives:
PLC information is M1;
System configuration is M2;
Monitor is M3;
Calendar R/W is M4;
Password operation is M5;
Error history read is M6;

LCD test and set is M7; Create a selection of menu by depressing the key of Enter. Adjustt data values with the keys of direction arrow.

Instructionn Ladder
The instruction of LCD in DirectSOFT offers the programmer of PLC a fitting way to identify messages screen. A factual string can be programmed with the instruction of LCD. Embedding changeable lets you to make specially the messages for a function that engages changing values.

The 16 characters (top line) is selected K1, and the second line is K2. The instructions of sample demonstrate how a message is expanded. A contact permissive rotates on the block of instruction, which transfers the message to the show.

The messages can also be recovered from V-memory and transferrred to the display. Choose K1 or K2 to specify which line you desire to write to and choose “From Vmemory” as the string source. ASCII text up to 16 characters can be demonstraeed per line. In the case, K16 specifies that ASCII text 16 bytes is recovered for show.


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