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PLC Model and Types

When talking about PLC model or types, there’s a vague questions about it, anyway. The PLC machines or models are available in various designs, models, brands, and also shapes. Even the seemingly similar PLC computer is different when people look at the internal parts – whether it’s the input, the output, and other parts. There is no exact answer when it comes to the exact types of PLC model. When talking about the PLC model, there’re several possible kinds with several examples products.

PLC Model and Main Types
There’re basically three main PLC model and type, each of them has its own characteristics and special traits.

• The unitary model. This type of PLC is the simplest one with all basic operating system that is stored within a box or a house. The main components usually include processor – the one that runs the programs – and also connections to out and input. This type of PLC device is usually directly installed to the device that is controlled. The example of such device is the Allen Bradley’s 1000 Micrologix that has onboard type memory system, input and output ports up to 32, and communication port.

• The modular model. In this type of PLC, there’re several modules that can be made to work together to make custom controller. The main parts include input and output connection, power regulation, processor, and additional modules. Users can customize the module by adding and removing the modules. The example includes Micrologix 1200.

• The rack mount model. This type of PLC is almost the same as the unitary model but with different implementation. In unitary PLC, each module is directly connected to the base unit; in rack mount model, the modules are separated. They’re being organized one by one and each of them is connected through a special network. This system allows the system to be developed further without messing or cluttering it. The example of this PLC model is SLC 500, a commercial and industrial unit that can be useful for industrial application.

PLC Model and Products Examples
Of course, those main PLC model are just the base and manufacturers can develop the machineries and implementation so there’s no computer or machine that really strict itself to a particular device. In case people are interested, they can try:
• Automation Direct machine
• DL05/ DL06 AutomationDirect PLC
• New 3000AutomationDirect Productivity
People can always browse around for more information about the types or kinds of the PLC model that is suitable with their needs.


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