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Product Overview of KV 5000/3000 Series from Keyence

The FA field speed
• KV Script: It can program character or formulas strings straightly. It decreases attempts programming significantly.
• Network: networking performance of PLC is highly improved by the function built-in of FL-net or Ethernet.
• High capability memory: great of capacity is utilized to handle large programmed, so you no need to use up additional money to raise the memory.
• Ultra High Speed: The innovative ladder implementation engine of KV VELOCE (II) is applied and a 60k step ladder is able to be performed in 1msec.

The Ultra High-speed Delivers Real-time Control of KV-5000/3000 PLC
Series of KV-M
It can resolve a variety of problems from positioning to control of synchronous in a quicker and more suitable method.
Motion Flow through adoption, it can lessen working hours of the process programming.
• Only 1 unit is needed to recognize synchronous control.
• It can offer full access to the CPU high-speed performance by accepting the BUS SYSTEM.
• It supports MECHATROLINK-II, which can storage wiring and decreases setup time.

Parameter Setting Software of KV MOTION+
Parameter setting software of KV MOTION+ is integrated as standard with ladder support software of KV STUDIO. There is no require to buy special development devices. This software can be applied to control design and maintenance in common environments.

More straight setting can be performed, and the input technique of parameters has developed as well. Parameters input time can be decreased throughout copy & paste and sufficient supporting functions.

It can validate the state of acceleration/deceleration and the positioning control motion time as well as the 2-axis track control on the one hand, and parameters input on the other hand. It does not require conducting complex computation of the time of acceleration/deceleration; input and verification can be performed at the same time.

Speed can be set in unity with every point
Parameter spot can set the acceleration or speed or the torque limit value in accordance with a variety of points.

The Bezier curve Acceleration/deceleration
When a point with a high gravity center is loaded which is necessary to be carried at a quick speed, the Bezier curve acceleration/deceleration can be further particularly set throughout the S-shape acceleration or deceleration.

SV Series
• Well-matched with AC Servo System of MECHATROLINK-II
• Accomplishes response Frequency 1.6 kHz
• A middle inertia or intermediate capacity lineup motors that show both high torque and high speed.
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