Monday, April 9, 2012

Programmable Logic Controller Disadvantages, A Brief

Well, there are some aspects we should know when it comes to discussing about programmable logic controller disadvantages. In automation industry, programmable logic controller has played an important role. Speaking about functions, we will realize that there are unlimited possibilities. For example, PLC can be used to control the machinery on amusement rides, factory assembly lines, lighting fixtures and also other facilities. There are many benefits we can get when we opt to use PLC. However, it is also important to learn more about programmable logic controller disadvantages.

Programmable Logic Controller Advantages
Aside from advantages, we need to know about programmable logic controller disadvantages. First, let’s see about benefits of Programmable logic control:
• PLC is specifically designed to withstand against high temperature, vibrations, noise and also humidity
• When it comes to controls, PLCs are easy to program so that people with basic programming skills will be able to learn on how to use PLCs
• PLCs have interfacing for outputs and inputs already inside the controller
• PLCs are flexible
• PLCs are safe
• Having a lot of contact
• It has low maintenance and high level of reliability
• It offers the highest level of security in terms of programming
• Adaptive to changes in production

After knowing some information about advantages of PLC, here are some disadvantages of Programmable logic controller:
• It requires training because it is still a new technology
• The use of PLC is not really efficient when dealing with some applications that perform a single function
• In some cases, it can be quite difficult when dealing with replacements or changes
• It involves too much work when we need to connect wires
• Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to find errors

By knowing about programmable logic controller disadvantages, it will give a better understanding about PLCs and how they can be applied in most industries.

Programmable Logic Controller Disadvantages and Functions
When we discuss about programmable logic controller disadvantages, it is also important to consider other aspects. As the technology is still new, we need to learn more on how to use it. Once we understand about its advantages and disadvantages, we will be able to apply this technology. There is no doubt that PLCs have become increasingly popular due to its effectiveness especially when it comes to automation procedure. Knowing about programmable logic controller disadvantages and advantages will help us on how to maximize the use of PLCs.

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