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Product Specifications MVI46 Modbus Master/Slave Communication Module

The Communication Module of MVI46 Modbus Master/Slave lets SLC processors of Rockwell Automation to interface simply with other protocol Modbus companionable devices. The module operates as a module of input/output between the network of Modbus and the backplane of SLC. Well-matched devices comprise not only PLCs of Modicon but also a broad range of process and control devices from various manufacturers. Many packages of SCADA also support the protocol of Modbus.

Universal Specifications
• Single Slot of backplane compatible 1746
• The module is accepted as a module of Input/Output and has access to memory of processor for data transfer between module and processor with files of M0/M1.
• Ladder Logic is utilized for data transfer between processor and module
• Data configuration acquired throughout user-defined ladder.

Specifications of Functional
Modbus Master
A port constructed as a virtual Modbus Master aggressively issues commands of Modbus to other nodes on the network of Modbus, supporting up to 100 commands on every port. The ports of Master have an optimized characteristic of polling that asks slaves with communication troubles less often.

Status codes of Data Error presented on an individual command basis. Additionally, a status list of slave is kept per active port of Modbus Master.

Modbus Slave
A port constructed as a slave of Modbus allows a remote Master to interrelate with all data included in the module. This data can be obtained from other devices of Modbus slave on the network, throughout a port of Master, or from the processor of SLC. Status of Data Error codes, status of counters and port available per organized slave Port.

MODBUS is a broadly-used protocol initially developed by Modicon, the protocol has been implemented as a standard through the automation industry. The specification of MODBUS utilizes a serial link to correspond commands and data between devices of Master and Slave on a network. Afterward improvements to the protocol permit communication over other kinds of networks. MODBUS is a protocol of Master/Slave. The Master sets up a link to the remote Slave. The Master transfers the commands of MODBUS to the Slave when the link is created. The module of MVI46-MCM can work as a Slave and as a Master.

The module of MVI46-MCM also runs as a module of input/output between itself and the backplane and processor of Rockwell Automation. The module utilizes an internal database to surpass commands and data between the processor and devices of Master and Slave on the networks of MODBUS.
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