Monday, May 21, 2012

DIRECTLOGIC Series PLCs Highlights

When it comes to buying PLC units, one that can be a good choice is to consider choosing DIRECTLOGIC series PLCs. So what should we know about DIRECTLOGIC? DIRECTLOGIC is known as a range of PLCs produced by KOYO. There are some models that we can choose when choosing DIRECTLOGIC as our choice. It is not really surprising that PLCs have become a popular choice in industries especially automation industry. PLCs are quite powerful and reliable when used to handle and control multiple devices.

DIRECTLOGIC Series PLCs Models and Features
Speaking about models, there are some models we can consider when we decide to choose DIRECTLOGIC series PLCs. If you want to choose one of these models, let’s learn features from some models available.
• DL05: this is the smallest PLC which will offer six input output combinations of DC, AC, relay I/O and also some advanced programming functions. Some of these features are:
o Removable terminal block
o 4K data memory
o 2K data memory
o Six outputs and eight inputs
o 129 instructions

• DL06: This is the first micro PLC that combines fixed I/O of 16 outputs and 20 inputs combined with 4 option card slots. Some of these features are:
o It comes with built in real time clock and calendar
o It has an optional LCD display
o 14.8 K of total memory
o It comes with two communication ports
o Four option card slots

• DL205: Koyo direct logic 205 is a model which will be a perfect choice for those who require the flexibility of a modular control system with the lowest cost. Some of these features are:
o Temperature inputs
o Remote I/O master and slave
o Data communications
o 12 bit and 16 bit analog outputs and inputs

DIRECTLOGIC Series PLCs in Automation Industry
Aside from some models mentioned above, there are still other models to consider. Getting the right model from some of those choices is not a difficult task once we know what to look for. Speaking about models, here are some models to consider:
• DL05 micro PLC
• DL06 micro modular PLC
• DL205 modular PLC
• DL105 fixed I/O(brick) PLC
• DL305 legacy PLC
• DL405 specialty PLC

By gathering more information about their specifications, it would be much easier to decide which model to choose. All we should do is to check their specifications and decide which model to choose from DIRECTLOGIC series PLCs.


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