Tuesday, May 15, 2012

PLC Design Standards to Implement Automation System

When it comes to discussing about PLC design standards, lots of things are involved. The first thing we should consider is to learn about the definition of PLCs. Speaking about PLCs, many people realize that PLCs are still an emerging technology. As the technology has evolved, the same thing goes with control engineering. Designing and implementing automation systems should be done on the right track. PLCs have changed the way we work especially in automation industry. In the past, humans were known as the main method when it comes to controlling the system. With some improvements that have been made, it is not really surprising that PLCs have become increasingly popular. However, PLC engineers should follow PLC design standards when they want to design and implement automation systems.

PLC Design Standards in Automation Industry
So what should we know about PLC design standards? When it comes to designing and implementing the system, PLC engineers should understand about what PLCs and how they can create effective systems. The main programming method that will be used in PLCs is known as the ladder logic. For PLC engineers, they should understand the basic procedure used to construct a PLC program.
These procedures are:
1. First, we need to define the processes that need to be controlled
2. The next step is to make a sketch of the process operation
3. Create a written sequence listing of the process step by step
4. On the sketch, we should add the sensors needed to carry out the control sequence
5. Add manual controls needed for the process setup needed for the process-setup or for operational checks
6. The next thing we should do is considering the safety of the operating personnel
7. Create a ladder logic program that will be used for the basis of a PLC program

Knowing about PLC design standards is very important when we want to implement and design automation systems.
The figure below explain about PLC Design Standard in our opinion.

PLC Design Standards Uses
As explained above, knowing PLC design standards first is a must. The reason is because we should follow the basic rules first before going further into creating a PLC program. There are many factors that will be involved when we want to design a program. It is quite reasonable that PLC engineers should have the basic knowledge in electricity, physic and math first. After having some basic knowledge on how to create a PLC program, the other aspect to consider is to follow PLC design standards.


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