Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Absolute Position Detection System of Servo System Controller for MR Mitsubishi Servo

For normal operation, the encoder consists of a detector designed to detect a position within one revolution and a cumulative revolution counter design to detect the number of revolution.
The absolute position detection system always detects the absolute position of the machine and keeps it battery-backed, independently of whether the servo system controller power is ON or OFF.
Therefore, once home position return is made at the time of machine installation, home position return is not needed when power is switched on thereafter.
If a power failure or a fault occurs, restoration is easy.
Also, the absolute position data, which is battery-backed by the super capacitor in the encoder, can be retained within the specified period (cumulative revolution counter value retaining time) if the cable is unplugged or broken.
As shown below about Absolute Position Detection System:
1. Absolute Position of Servo System Controller

2. Servo System Controller Configuration

3. Servo System Controller Parameter Setting
Set “0001” in parameter No.1 to make the absolute position detection system valid.


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