Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Communication Between Android, Computer and PLC using WIFI and RS232

This application use Android Wi-Fi, Computer Wi-Fi and Step 7 PLC with RS232 Cable.
I use Android 4.0, Step 7 Siemens S7-200 PLC, RS232 PPI Multi Master Cable, USB to RS232 converter, Wi-Fi Router and Laptop / Computer.

See the video of this application:

Diagram of Communication Between Android and Step 7 PLC

Information from the image above:
1. Android Phone with Wi-Fi and android 4.0 or above
2. Wireless Router or Wi-Fi Router
3. Computer/Laptop has installed the Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express
4. USB to Serial Cable or USB to RS232 Converter
5. S7-200 RS232/PPI Multi-Master Cable
6. Step 7 Siemens S7-200 PLC

I use the hardware as shown below:

Download and install software:
A. Android Phone
1. Download APK File, Click Here
2. Copy-Paste APK File to Android Phone Memory and Intall/Setup.

Caption above:
1. Copy-Paste File to Android Phone Memory
2. Install APK File
3. Check Icon LampOnOff Application

B. Computer 
1. Download Visual Basic 2010 Project File, Click Here
2. Open Project file and RS232 Serial Number Setting. See Video:

C. Android, Computer and Step 7 PLC
1. Go To Android Phone and Open LampOnOff Application
2. IP and Port Number Setting between Android and Visual Basic 2010. See Video:

3. Lamp Number Setting after Connected. See Video:

4. List Lamp Number and Step 7 PLC Output:

5. The result can be seen in the first video youtube, with title Communication Between Android, Computer and PLC using WIFI
6. Finish and thanks you has been read my article.


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