Thursday, August 15, 2013

Alert / Signal Lamp for Forex Trading using PLC, MetaTrader and Visual Basic

This Application use Lamp for Signal, and Lamp will ON between values from SignalLampONWhenPriceMin up to SignalLampONWhenPriceMax in Inputs Expert Advisor Forex Trading.

SignalLampONWhenPriceMax = Blue Line
SignalLampONWhenPriceMin = Yellow Line
Bid Price = Gray Line
If Gray line between Yellow Line and Blue Line Then Lamp ON else Lamp OFF.

This image about Lamp ON/OFF Condition
Lamp ON OFF Condition on MetaTrader Forex Trading

And See the video, when Lamp ON and OFF on MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading.

Diagram (flowchart) of Alert / Signal Lamp for Forex Trading using PLC.
diagram of Signal Lamp for forex trading using PLC

Description of the image above:
1. Computer consists of software:
- MetaTrader 4 (Forex Trading) for create/write CSV File,
-Visual Basic 2010 Express for Read CSV File and Computer - PLC Communication,
2. PLC Cable for Siemens S7-200
3.S7-200 Siemens PLC
4. Lamp/Siren/Buzzer, etc.
Electrical Wiring Diagram of PLC and Lamp/Siren/Buzzer.
Electrical Wiring Diagram of Signal Lamp for Forex Trading using PLC

1. Download all file, click here

2. Install MetaTrader 4 software of InstaForex and Open an Account (Demo Account)

3. Close MetaTrader 4
4. Insert filename (2files): SignalLampUsingPLC (MQL4) into folder.../InstaTrader/experts
5. Expert Advisors: SignalLampUsingPLC ->Right click and Attach to a chart
6. Set Value SignalLampONWhenPriceMax and SignalLampONWhenPriceMin

Visual Basic:
7. Visual Basic 2010 Express has been Installed and Open Visual Basic File.
8. Edit folder name and edit serial port number name in Visual basic

For more information about Visual Basic, please visit the link:
Program PLC:
Do not need a ladder program plc
Thank you, I have tried this application and successfully


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