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PLC Real Time Clock Using Android

How to PLC has a clock? one way is to use the clock in android and send clock data from android to PLC. In this way, the PLC has a real time clock. Real time clock in the PLC can be used for applications such as data logging, automatic garden sprinklers, control equipment based on time, and other applications that use time.

Here is the process of get clock data from android and send it to the PLC:
1. Read Calendar data from android
2. Filter Calendar data, only time (second,minute,hour), date(date,month,year) and day name/day of week
3. Send calendar data using android bluetooth and PLC communication
4. Receive data in PLC use PLC data memory
5. PLC data memory used for PLC Real Time Clock
Here's the diagram:
Diagram of PLC Real Time Clock using Android

This application uses the hardware:
1. Android Phone with SPP Bluetooth specification
2. Bluetooth to Serial/RS232
3. PLC RS 232/Serial Cable
4. Siemens PLC S7-200, this PLC does not have a real time clock
5. Android charger
6. Electrical outlet for automatic charging
Detail of hardwares for PLC Real Time Clock:
Hardware of PLC Real Time Clock Using Android

Hardware Setting and Connect:
For all setting and connect, click Android Bluetooth And PLC
Set bluetooth communication use 9600,Even,8,1

Software Installed and how to use them:
1. Download file, click here
2. After completion of the download, then install on android phone
3. How to use them:
Android Apps for PLC Real Time Clock
1.A. Connection Status
1.B. Choose bluetooth with dropdown
1.C. Auto Start Up/Run After Booting
1.D. Default set button for Items 1A and 1B (Saved in memory phone)
1.E. Battery Manager/Information, level per scale
1.F. Quit Button for quit and if error then press this button
2.A. Click Dropdown and select/choose bluetooth
2.B. Click Bluetooth name, I use HC-06 (bluetooth is connected to PLC)
3.A. await Connecting
4.A. Connection is successful, display a clock with the ever-changing number of seconds
4.B. Connection notification
4.C. Click Default Set Button

Download Ladder PLC Programming to PLC:
1. Download file, click here
2. And Download Ladder programming to PLC
3. Result Check, see this video

4. Clock Data in PLC data memory
VB0 = SECOND : 0 to 59
VB1 = MINUTE : 0 to 59
VB2 = HOUR OF DAY : 0 to 23
VB3 =DATE : 1 to 28/29/30//31
VB4 = MONTH : 1 to 12
VB9 = BATTERY LEVEL : 0 to 100
For Charging, I use:
If VB9 greater and equal to 75 then charging is ON and after VB9 greater 100 then charging is OFF
PLC Ladder programming for charging of android phone


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