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Learning Simulation Control using TWINCAT PLC

What is TWINCAT PLC and why you have to choose it?

Many technicians use TWINCAT PLC as helpful programmed in accordance with IEC 61131-3 independently of the manufacturer in their training classroom. In the TWINCAT PLC you can do a simulation online connections with PLC runtime systems or can be integrated with other PLC systems. The process connection is so easy, you just set TCP/IP or via fieldbuses on the IPC. TWINCAT PLC is designed with a special program to implement an open automation systems based on PC Control technology. You do not worry how language program you have to learn. This program was compatible with all the languages in the IEC 61131-3 standard

What is Specification and How This System Running?

In order to get maximum result on this control system, this program need technical support software and hardware requirement as below:
  • Operating system: Software PLC compatible for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista or Windows 7
  • Program language: IL, FBD, LD, SFC, ST and CFC accordance with IEC 61131-3 and compatible to support online connection with TCP/IP or via fieldbuses on the IPC.
  • Data processing: source code storage, processed on the structured programming, recompile during PLC running and done by certified person in charge with base level (IL/ST). This data processing compatible with all common data types, structures, arrays, including multi-dimensional arrays
  • Converting program support : auto-format, auto-declare, cross reference, search/replace in different languages with source code management tools

How This System Running?

System Running on TWINCAT PLC

In the simulation process control systems, TWINCAT PLC has designed a program that compatible with supporting hardware for various conditions in the plant in real time as long as all condition below fulfilled:
  • Supporting online connection via networks

  • All of PLC connected in this simulation program should be supported by a very powerful link. How we can get runtime systems well if connection is not set properly? To catch this target, this program should be supported by at least visualization or office programs, can access TwinCAT data via Microsoft interfaces or control the PLC.

  • Software requirement:

  • In this learning session, one of the excellent of TWINCAT PLC is supporting hardware dependence studying the control system can be reduced. All of software programs are also always updated to provide ease in learning simulation control program as follows:
    • All defined programming languages: IL, FBD, LD, SFC, ST and CFC
    • TX1200 | TwinCAT PLC – IEC 61131-3 Multi-PLC on the PC | IEC 61131-3-languages

    All supporting software and hardware above can be used to deploy and execute the machine software so that simulation can be done normally. The software can be downloaded freely on the available resources/CPUs. To facilitate learning the TWINCAT PLC, students learn programming PLC must understand about the process of editing the source code so that the program becomes more structured, easy to read and reduce the risk of human error

The excellent of TWINCAT PLC

One of excellent this simulation program is having good debugging features. This TWINCAT PLC educates PIC to get well educated technician. On the real plant, it is only well trained technician can do this control system. TwinCAT Simulation Manager has many alternative feature to do control mechanism for the creation and administration of simulation environments at the fingertips or the developer / plant operator.
One of should be understood well is debugging process that can follow this instruction as below:
  • Technician who learns this process should start process by making online connections with PLC around the plant machine. All setting should be implemented with TCP/IP or via fieldbuses.
  • To reduce data retention, you have to modify a little online change of new variables, instances or programs.
  • There are many online monitoring of variables in variable lists, watch windows, editors that must be monitored well
  • Several items to make zero error are triggering, forcing and setting variables
TWINCAT PLC was completed by Trace function records that can show you:
  • Display of the current call stack
  • Watch list shows a selection of variables.
  • Variable values for every cycle.
To make better understand for who still confused, this software program completed by a graphical diagnostic and analysis tool for the display of values. Finally, in the end of session all variable names and structures across the whole system can be done properly. Happy learning more about TWINCAT PLC.


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