Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Arduino as PLC using Controllino

Controllino is the first open source program for PLC that widely used in the plant control system. Like SCADA that having OpenScada, this source program compatible with ARDUINO. You do not need to add more setting that you may get confused how to install it. PLC requires support software to be able to write programs that are needed for a particular type of application. In the development of software applications you can make option to get software by paid or getting open source program. For open source program, you can use Controllino because the source code is open to everybody.

There are 3 types of controllino, namely:
  • This is compatible to support system in the mini plant. You just need to spend a little money to get that. Only € 119,00, you can get and install it at your mini plant.
  • For middle plant with more machines to be controlled on the PLC system, you need more complex controllino. It is better to set your plant with CONTROLLINO MAX. To get it installed on your plant, you just need to spent € 199,00.
  • If your plant is more complex, you need to install CONTROLLINO MEGA. It is not too expensive in case to control more complex machine in the control system. Only € 269,00, you have installed it to your system.

Software Support for Controllino:

Feature of Controllino:
The following features of Controllino:
  • Automatic input voltage range selection
  • It is need to divide and change voltage on the processor input. Mall function can get on this device if voltage is not divided properly. Easy to be use and it is possible to use one input for analog and digital. Low voltage requirement for 12V or 24V input voltage range without user action.
  • Direct processor contact
  • To make data analysis more securely, use only direct processor to close over the Pin Header. You need direct contact to the processor like on an ARDUINO Board. Please note that usually pins with 4000V ESD is protected.
  • RTC - ON/OFF
  • RTC is meant here is the real time clock (not real time computing), usually in the form of IC which has its own source and internal clock batery for storing data time and date. So that if the computer system / microcontroller die time and date in RTC memory remains up to date. All CONTROLLINO PLCs have an internal RTC using SPI which can be switched ON and OFF so you can use the SPI for other purposes via Pin Header.

Guidance how we can use Arduino as Programmable Logic Controller


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