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Basic Principle of QED Simplifies Industrial Control System (ICS)

QED Board is the most important component in the Industrial Control System. These components can be used to convert a specific amount into an analog unit that can be read by an electronic circuit. Board QED circuits incorporated in the computer completed by front-panel user interfaces. This interface will provide multi drop communications, convenient screw terminals for easy field wiring, and room for QED Analog and Digital I / O boards.

QED ICS via www.mosaic-industries.com

To support this function QED was completed by several supporting device such as:
  • 160K of battery-backed RAM,
  • Real-time clock
  • Serial links
  • 60 I/O lines including A/D, D/A, counters, timers, and digital inputs and outputs
Configuration of this industrial control system will be started from converting the onboard battery-backed RAM to emulated ROM.

Step by step configuration of the system

Please set check the system features, normally consists of an on/off switch, power jacks, flexible jumper-configurable power routing and ample prototyping areas. And then, do this following step as below:
  • Built-in phone jacks and standard 25 pin connectors
  • implementation of RS485 and multi drop RS232 serial communications
  • The backplane board accommodates a QED Board and two I/O boards,
  • Brings the field connections out to convenient screw terminals.
Before next process you can plug in two QED Digital I/O Boards, or a Digital I/O Board and a QED Analog Conditioning Board. Current flow was needed to configure off-the-shelf interfaces for your real-world sensors and actuators.

Configure Your Own "Super-PLC"

PLC has been widely used in control systems as pre-programmed devices with an event control loop. But the development of modern control system needed superior alternative to control several the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). This is The QED Industrial Control System has the main function as superior control system. Some of important processes doing by this system are:
  • Outfitted QED Digital I/O and Analog Conditioning boards to controls dozens of isolated industrial inputs and outputs
  • Connects to a myriad of analog sensors and actuators.
  • Act as a simple interface to industry standard I/O modules made by Opto-22, Gordos, Greyhill, and others.
Industrial Control System as superior control supported by modern compatible high level language that is able to understand the complexity of programming ladder diagram. Built-in hardware and communications software has been designed to work well in a string of user interface for designing the front panel thus increasing productivity.

Product Specifications

Some specifications of the products below you can learn more so they can adjust the control system needs with engine capacity control:


Aluminum instrument enclosure houses all of the hardware with two 25-pin serial connectors, phone jacks for multi drop communications, power jacks and a power switch reside on the back of the enclosure that accessible with screw terminals simplify wiring

Backplane Board

  • The 5.2" x 14" board in the ICS provides a convenient prototyping area with built-in decoding for memory-mapped I/O completed by the backplane provides dual-row connectors to interface up to two add-on boards such as the Digital I/O Board and the Analog Conditioning Board.


4 rows by 5 columns, 2.7" x 3.0" and A keypad scanning routine is built into the QED onboard software library. It has alternative 4 rows by 5 column touch screen overlay.


The QED Board, a surface-mount 3.2" x 4.0" board with standard complement of analog and digital I/O, real-time clock, 160K battery-backed RAM, and comprehensive development software in onboard 64K ROM

Power Supply

Wall mount supply provides 6 VDC at 500mA


Industrial Control System is an alternative solution to the needs of a superior control system in modern technology


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