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The Top 10 Automation Applications

Automation is no longer a new thing in this era. People are used to doing things instantly with the help of automatic control. Automation is the use of different control systems for the operation of an equipment. The most popular of these would include machinery that affect humankind's daily routines. The processes involved in operating aircraft, ships, telephone networks, and factories are just few of the many examples that prove the significant role of automation in the world. With almost everything set to automatic control, all types of energy and resources are saved. Labor has become easier. Furthermore, tasks that humans do in manufacturing can be done more precisely and accurately by machines.

Application of Automatic Control

Below are the different fields, where automation is being applied.

1. Industrial Automation

Quality and efficiency control has only gotten easier and better with industrial automation. With the use of stand-alone modules, computers, machine vision, and logic controllers, inspection of products in manufacturing has become more efficient.

Manufacturing of Industrial Automation

2. Home Automation

Simply put, home automation has something to do with the automatic appliances that do household tasks for us. It's not only limited to electronic appliances, but also to the features of a home like gates, doors, lighting, security, etc. This is also called domotics.

Home Automation

3. Automated Waste Management

Waste management is a serious problem not only in First World countries, but most especially in the Third World. Health risks are always present for workers in waste management, but with it getting automated, the level of work needed will lessen. Consequently, the number of workers required will also decrease.

Automated Waste Management

4. Food and Drink

The touchscreen ordering that you see every time you order from your favorite fast food is a perfect example of automation being applied in the restaurant or food and drink industry. In fact, there are already many cafes and restaurants that allow their customers to order via apps on their mobile devices or smart phones. These apps also come with payment systems. With this kind of automation set in place, food and beverage companies lessen the need to hire cashiers and waiting staff.

Fast Food of Food and Drink

5. Stores

You may have already tried purchasing at stores where you do the check out yourself for the items that you intend to purchase. With this kind of system, supermarkets do not have to employ as many workers. Most of us even do our shopping online, pay online, and wait for the products to be shipped to our homes.

Self Checkout of Stores

6. Agent-Assisted Automation

The biggest companies and corporations entrust customer service to call centers where live agents handle inquiries and solve concerns. Automated voice solutions and desktop automation are the two types that call centers use to serve customers from their biggest clients. Certain standard operating procedures are followed, and calls are always recorded so compliance is a must. Big corporations can be assured that call centers will take care of certain aspects of their business without fail.

Call Centers of Agent-Assisted Automation

7. Agriculture

Harvesting, sorting, and planting have gradually become automated. What's next in line is robotics. Instead of human farmers, robots will do the picking and harvesting.

Harvester of Agriculture

8. Automated Mining

Though there are still many workers in the mining industry, they have slowly transitioned to adapting automatic processes. Currently, several mining companies have already started removing human labor.

Conveyor of Automated Mining

9. Automated Highway Systems

It may seem like an impossible project, but the United States have already started the ITS or Intelligent Transport Systems. This project is congress-legislated. The goal is to develop a highway that is run by automatic control and a prototype of a vehicle that can run via the automated highway systems. With this set in place, driver error can be significantly minimized. Vehicle accidents will also decrease. Traffic is also, supposedly going to become more efficient.

Automated Highway Systems

10. Automated Video Surveillance

An automatic tracking surveillance system is very useful in most industries worldwide. Being able to observe what's happening indoor, outdoor, and even airborne is now possible with the use of different types of surveillance cameras and sensor systems. Governments, corporations, small businesses and homes have greatly benefited from automated video surveillance.

Automated Video Surveillance


There are also several disadvantages of automation, that experts have pointed out. One of the most significant of these, is unemployment. Machines and automation replace human labor. However, there are also many advantages that automation has offered to the world. Most of these we already enjoy, and have made living life on a daily basis, easier.


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