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Feature and Parameter of GSM SMS Controller RTU5011

GSM SMS Controller RTU5011 is a device whose main function for remote control and alarm monitoring inputs using SMS in the GSM network. RTU5011 GSM RTU is designed as a remote control system with a frugal budget. The system has a remote control 8 and 8 dry contact relay output and can be passed by 4 AD input. Control system using SMS users will be sent to pre-configure mobile phone numbers.

GSM SMS Controller RTU5011

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Features of Product:

This product system controller has feature to make sure user believe reliability of this system. All features compatible with general program and operating system that used in modern industrial control system. Several of features are as below:
  • 8 digital inputs, NC / NO dry contacts, 4 analog inputs, 0-53mA or 0-5V.
  • 8 digital outputs, ≤24 V, ≤200mA. The output can be connected to the alarm indication device, such as an alarm, and others.
  • Built-in double watchdog
  • Auto SMS report the condition of the device every 24 hours. Input and output data can be connected to a phone number belongs to technicians or engineers responsible in the handling system
  • Programmable alarms (normally closed or open)
  • A maximum of 10 inputs telephone numbers. GSM modem embedded in the GSM RTU, users must subscribe to RTU GSM SIM card. GSM RTU can be installed at any location under GSM coverage.
  • Support voice monitor
  • Temperature sensor (optional)
  • Battery and power alarm (optional)
  • configurable use RS232 COM port
Applications of GSM SMS Controller RTU5011

Parameter of GSM SMS Controller RTU5011

In order to make good performance result of system, this device has many parameters must be fulfilled. Several of them have wide range of parameter and data specification such as: DC Power supply, Power consumption, Frequency range, SIM Card Supporting, Antenna, Serial Bus connection, Temperature range, Humidity range, Output drive voltage, Output drive power, On state input current, Input signal, Exterior dimension, Weight.

RTU5011 interface

RTU5011 GSM RTU using 9-28 VDC power input (DC +, GND -). Interface using a cable connection to a computer using RS-232, 8 Digital Input to contact close or open, 8 Digital Output to relay NO / NC. Voltage that is used to adjust the VDC power input. As for the connection to the device use the current analog 0-53mA or 0-5V.

LED indicator description

To indicate position of RTU5011 GSM RTU, there are many LED indicators which has meaning as below:
  • PWR (Red) means Normally light on position
  • NET (Green) means Flicker position
  • SRV (Yellow) means Light on during handling position
  • ACT (Orange) means Flicker position
indicate position of RTU5011 GSM RTU

GSM SMS Controller RTU5011 is currently widely used in industrial control system because of their use of flexible where the control system is connected to the phone numbers of person in charge. With the help of this GSM RTU, the person in charge will be easy to control with the help of alarm system performance. Besides this control system allows mobile phone users to trigger any relay output by using SMS.


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