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PLC-5 Programmable Controller: The Foundation of Control Architecture

PLC-5 is popular product from Allen Bradley which has existed since 1986. Although it was too old but, there are still some companies use this PLC until right now.  At the moment the product is rarely used because it need out of date hardware and software compatible, that may not produced anymore. The solution for today condition is usually the user will be directed to use ControlLogix I / O PLC-5.  But if you still use this product, do not worry you can learn from explanation below:

Basic Control Architecture PLC-5

PLC-5 works based control architecture consisting of multiple devices and unite supporters Software systems such as Ethernet / IP, ControlNet and DeviceNet. To connect the device and software, some connectivity that is often used are SLC 500, ControlLogix, and Micrologix controllers. PLC-5 is quite flexible and can be used with devices supporting more modern. This controller is also cost-effective and can work well if connected with DH +, ControlNet, and Ethernet. To support the performance of the controller software used is RSLogix5.

PLC-5 Programmable Controller

PLC 5 Supporting Compatible Device

PLC-5 has a relatively simple control system since it consists of a controller that can be programmed, I / O modules in a single chassis and a power supply. To be able to produce a good control system you can choose the communication port controller with on-board, board remote I / O, and port scanner, which is connected to the PLC-5 controllers. To facilitate the process, you can  use the On-board ControlNet port and a 1771-SDN DeviceNet Scanner Module in the same circuit control system process.

Supporting modules needed
  • 1734 I/O Modules
  • 1769 I/O Modules
  • 1790 I/O Blocks
  • 1791D I/O Blocks
  • 1792D I/O Blocks 
  • 1794 I/O Modules
  • 1798 I/O Modules
  • Other devices
DeviceNet Link
  • Ethernet
  • Computers
  • Controllers
  • Internet Browsers (Ethernet only)
Controllers are used there are several kinds of PLC5 / 01 with a communication port DH485, PLC5 / 02 with a communication port DH485, PLC5 / 03 with a communication port DH485 and RS232, PLC5 / 04 with a communication port DH + and RS232, PLC5 / 05 with a communication port Ethernet and RS232

How does it works?

PLC -5 work based on network configuration and the placement of components in each location. You must determine whether each location will have its own controller or incorporated into the PLC. After that, place each controller I / O on an isolated network to maximize the performance and to more easily change the configuration if there is a change parameter setting point. If you plan to share I / O modules into multiple outputs, make sure the I/O is on a network that can be connected directly to the PLC. Assume that one network to another requires the controller and the I / O Evaluate the performance of the machine control. Using message-based network such as Ethernet or ControlNet network is one of the good alternatives to be done.

PLC type is used for simple applications such as for traffic lights, packing, material handling, control of compressor, solar panel positioning, heating and cooling control, and elevator control. Software for this product Connected Components Workbench is provided free of charge by Rockwell Automation and can be downloaded from their website.


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