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Simply Operating Principle of Pico Controller

Pico Controller PLC is type of the simple PLC but has flexible, small, perform logic, counting, operating system and clock time. Pico controller operated and programmed using programming software such as PicoSoft creating, storing, documenting and transferring the circuit diagram in Pico Pico ™ Controller. PicoSoft Pro programming offers additional functionality and ease of programming for controlling PicoGFX ™.

Pico Controller PLC

Pico Switching and Controlling Process

Pico is a controller that is relatively inexpensive, easy to use in small industrial control system that does not require a complicated process. PLC this type are widely used in the engine control system in multistory buildings. Although it is simple but Pico has been completed with built-in operating elements and user-friendly LCD display.
One of the processes that need to know is the switching and controlling. You can connect the Pico and draw a circuit diagram on the screen to start a series of system control. The process is simple, simply by pressing the make contacts, break contacts, and relays.
The next process is to enter the circuit diagram in Pico. Enough once you make a sketch of the circuit because of Pico has basic and advanced functions for relays, time switches and contactors. If you need a change circuit, you simply press a button on the device and the process of change circuits can be done automatically.

Knowledge Applications Everywhere

Applications everywhere is widely used in building automation systems, controllers for lighting, doors, and windows. In addition ventilator control system, automatic door opening and closing, greenhouses, exterior lighting, store displays lighting, climate control, ventilation and brightness levels are also using the PICO. For applications in small-scale industry, applications everywhere PICO widely used for machine control conveyor belts, oscillating conveyors, sorters machines and pumps.

Pico Mounting Process

Mounting process is key to using the PICO system controller. There are two types of processes in Mounting PICO namely:

Mounting on DIN Rail

You can use the guidelines as written in the image to make the process of mounting this kind.

Mounting on a Mounting Plate

Besides Mounting on Rail, you can also use mounting process on the plate. The difference lies in whether the process of mounting on DIN Rail or plate. Adjust the level of complexity of the system you design.

Pico Mounting Process

Connecting PICO

The chain connecting the controller to the machine in the process automation industry requires different stages. PICO controller divides the process of connecting to 5 step process including:
  • Pico Inputs 1760-L12BWB and 1760-L12BWB-NC
  • Pico Inputs 1760-L12AWA-NC, 1760-L12AWA, and 1760-L12AWA-ND
  • Pico Outputs 1760-L12AWA-xx and 1760-L12BWB-xx
  • Pico Inputs 1760-L18AWA
  • Pico Outputs 1760-L18AWA

Pico Operating Principle

Pico operating principle has stages that must be passed in order. These stages include:
  • Pico Operating Buttons
  • Move Through Menus to Choose Values
  • 12-Point Status Display
  • 18-Point Status Display
  • Cursor Display
  • Full block navigation is shown as a flashing block:
    • Move cursor with the left/right arrows
    • When in circuit diagram, also use up/down arrows

Pico Operating Principle

Circuit Diagram Menu

In making a circuit diagram of the menu, you must set up the ladder diagrams that can hold four instructions, instruction three inputs (contacts) and one output instruction (coil or relay). For more details you can see the official guide of the website PICO controller or through image guidance available.

Menu Structure

There are two main menus in this that the chain PICO
  • Main Menu without Optional Password Protection
  • Main Menu with Password Protection
You can adjust to the needs of system control that you design using existing structure menu.


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