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Getting to Know Eaton's Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Supporting Device

Eaton's Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), an instrument of microprocessor-based controller that can be programmed as it has a memory that can store commands (instructions) in the form of logic to control machines or processes. The instrument controller has several advanced functions, Including analog monitoring, control and high speed motion control as well as share data over communication networks.
To support this function, this instrument needs to be supported by many supporting devices such as: Compact PLC XC-152, easy 500/700/800 Programmable Relays, ELC Series PLCs, XC Series High Performance PLCs

Eaton's Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

1. Compact PLC XC-152

This controller was compatible with an integrated SmartWire-DT master. Easy operating and able to implement innovative automation solutions due to the XC-152’s ability to exchange data is the advantages. You can combine them either via an Ethernet interface to OPC clients or via an integrated WEB server for faster quick solution.
The Compact PLC XC-152 was designed to support cost-effective solution for high-performance PLC applications. Operating system uses Windows CE 5 with high resolution and high speed processing 32-bit 400 MHz RISC CPU. Data storage relatively little memory 64 MB memory unit (OS, program, data) but it has completed by an on-board run/stop switch, Ethernet interface, and USB host. Interface and a SmartWire-DT connected by RS232 and/or RS485 will make your controller performance higher achievement.
The following models are available:
  • XC-152-E3-11 SmartWire-DT, RS232;
  • XC-152-E6-11 SmartWire-DT, CAN, RS485;
  • XC-152-E8-11 SmartWire-DT, DP, RS485;
  • XC-152-D6-11 CAN, RS485, RS232 und
  • XC-152-D8-11 DP, RS485, RS232

2. Easy Programmable Relays & Multi-function Displays

Instrument that having accuracy and integration timers, relays, counters, special functions, inputs and outputs into one compact device is highly recommended. that is easily programmed. Programmable Relays & Multi-function Display is fit for supporting this control system. It has many types device as below:

    2.1. Easy 500/700/800 Programmable Relays

    It has three families namely EASY500, EASY700, EASY800 and offers more than 35 styles that support 12 - 320 I/O points. There are many applications such as car washes, automatic doors, lighting, pump control, 12 Vdc automotive and machinery.

    2.2. EASY Software

    It is user-friendly circuit diagram editor for the EASY500/700/800 and MFD intelligent relays that can create visualization functions for the MFD displays.

3. XC Series High Performance PLCs

When you use Eaton's Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), pleasure be ensure the high performance control system should provides parallel backplane bus for faster processing speed. Exchanging data process will be better via the Ethernet interface and the integrated web server.

4. ELC Series PLCs

The Eaton Logic Controllers (ELCs) is smart and faster solution for control system needs today. It has many types to be applied in industrial control system such as:
  • ELCB Brick Style PLCs
  • ELCM Modular Brick PLCs
  • ELC Modular PLCs
  • ELC Software

Today PLC widely been developed from the original form of small units which can only handle approximately 20 input / output into large system-based microprocessors that can handle input / output in the hundreds to thousands, then handle input / output analog and digital, and implement control modes PID (proportional-integral-derivative). Along with the times, many industries such as food, beverages, textiles, cars, etc. are switched using a PLC control system.


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