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The Advantages and Product Application of Mitsubishi Modular PLC

Today, there are many brands and types of PLC used in the industry. Each PLC has its own advantages and disadvantages. You just select based on your needs and budget. One that is widely used in the industry is Mitsubishi Modular PLC. This PLC possessed special characteristics, namely: components separate into modules, having large-sized, allows for the expansion of the number of input / output and modules.

Mitsubishi Modular PLC

The advantages of Mitsubishi Modular PLC

Although it is not as popular as the product Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi modular PLCs are still used by many users because it has many advantages, including the following:

Reliable memory for storing input data and execution

One of advantages from Mitsubishi Modular PLC is having much more memory and has the ability to store a higher volume compared to products that have the same memory capacity with this PLC. This could speed up the process execution data.

Having more numbers I/O modules that are profitable

Other  types of PLC is usually have limited numbers I / O modules so that the choice of use Modular PLC is good decision because it has more number of I / O modules more so that it has the capacity to achieve more complex process.

Easy in and operating a trouble shooting

Good controller must have the characteristics of easy to operate, and if a problem occurs, the PLC is easy to fix. Easy trouble shooting process is very beneficial because it lowers down time. For long-term use, the PLC is very advantageous because the production process will not be disturbed by the length of the process downtime and trouble shooting.

Application of Mitsubishi Modular PLC

There are many application of this PLC whether in industry or home appliance. Several of them are as below:

In The Home

  • Residential air conditioners
  • Air conditioner for residential purposes of system usually requires only a simple control system, the manual switch combined with room thermostat and timer switches to control the temperature of the room. Control equipment suitable for this application is Mitsubishi Modular PLC.
  • Fridges
  • Home automation
  • Fans


  • Commercial Air Conditioning
  • The control unit on Commercial Air Conditioning is regulated by a thermostat that will operate a relay or contactor. Relays or contactors will provide reinforcement to the compressors, fans, valves and pumps. Medium control unit operations will provide the function of protection against any abnormal temperature and pressure both on the side of low pressure or high pressure.  The Mitsubishi Modular PLC many used in this application.
  • Large Screen Display
  • Jet Towel Commercial Hand Dryer
  • Ventilation


  • Transportation
  • Area Traffic Control System (ATCS) is the traffic control by aligning a red light on the road network of a city. Settings traffic through this system requires a parameter number of vehicles and vehicle travel time. Mitsubishi Modular PLC is the right choice to carry out this control function
  • Automotive Equipment
  • Communication Systems
  • Industrial Automation
  • Semiconductors
  • Switchgear
  • TFT-LCD Modules


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