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Connect your control system to Digital Sensors and Devices by The ioLogik R2110

In a SCADA control system, easy and reliable application used to simplify process although the price is relatively more expensive. The ioLogik R2110 is one device that is widely used in system control members of the R2000 series I / O remote server. System control device is designed to connect sensors, transmitters, transducers, and valve to the RS-485 network. To speed up data execution process, the ioLogik R2110 is equipped with a series of ioLogik E2000 servers so I / O points which can be accessed from within the IP environment. The ability of these servers are ability to connect up to 31 servers ioLogik R2000 series.

ioLogik R2110

Product Features

Do not worry to use this product because this product system controller has feature to make sure user believe reliability of this system. All features compatible with general program and operating system that used in modern industrial control system. Several of features are as below:
  • 12 channels of 24 VDC digital input (DI) and 8 channels Data Output with event counter mode and software selectable filtering time. Data Output has completed with pulse output mode and software selectable pulse width
  • Multi-functional I/O supporting DI, event counter, DO, and pulse output
  • Supports Modbus/RTU for control by SCADA software, including Wonderware InTouch
  • Optional LCD module for status display and configuration
  • Remote firmware updates via RS-485 that can make monitoring and configuration with ioAdmin Windows utility
  • Hardware detection over RS-485 with ioAdmin
  • MXIO DLL library for I/O status over RS-485 that has been built-in watchdog timer with configurable safe I/O channel settings
  • Configurable power-on status for output channels

Modbus/RTU Devices

One of advantage using the ioLogik R2110 are The RS-485 port runs Modbus/RTU. It is easy to use and can connect to any Modbus device. There are many items to use in different methods to connect different combinations of ioLogik R2000 servers and also many other Modbus devices. Several item explained as below:

Connecting One Modbus/RTU Device

Connecting One Modbus/RTU Device

In this simulation, peripherals that want to be used as below:
  • Ex.COM1
  • The ioLogik R2110
  • RS 485
When we want to connect a PC with a microcontroller we can use the RS232, but if we want to connect a PC to the microcontroller stout RS232 cannot be used. To connect a PC with more than one microcontroller we need to use RS485. In this case we use RS 485
Advantages compared RS232 RS485
  • Can connect one master with 32 slaves.
  • Data rates can be up to 1 mbps
  • Maximum length of 1,200 meters of data cable.
  • using the master-slave method
  • In hardware and programming RS485 very simple but very useful for controlling.

Connecting Multiple Modbus/RTU Devices

Connecting Multiple Modbus/RTU Devices

In this simulation, peripherals that want to be used as below:
  • Ex.COM1
  • The ioLogik R2110
  • The ioLogik R4000 Slice Server
  • RS 485


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