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B-Scada Software for Data Visualization Solutions

In modern industrial SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is widely used to automate and / or monitor industrial processes in various fields such as manufacturing, transportation, energy management, building automation, and other fields to obtain real time data which are used to make decisions. Decisions in the process of rapid control requires appropriate software support. One of the processes required for execution is data visualization for manufacturing, electricity & utilities, automation, and other fields that use HMI and SCADA software products. In this case the B-Scada into user interface design solution for Windows and web applications are most widely used in the industry.
How does this work SCADA software? Software system is divided into three products with different specifications. Here is his review:

B-Scada Software Status Enterprise Edition
Status Enterprise Edition via scada.com

Status Enterprise Edition

To visualize the real time data and alarms, manage and organize your assets, as well as integrating the control device required supporting software management level HMI / SCADA System. One of the recommended products are Status Enterprise Edition. Software HMI / SCADA is able to unite and organize device data factories in different locations that allow you to improve the efficiency and quality of operations. HMI SCADA software includes the main components as follows:
  • Status Enterprise Server: OPC UA Server, Historian, Calculation and Alarm Server
  • Status Model Designer: Designs the Information Model for your process
  • Status Enterprise Gateway: For mobile and browser access to your mimics (HMI screens) via HTML5
  • Status Mimic Designer: Drag and Drop HMI designer for Windows and Web
  • Status Application Designer: Design customized and extensible HMI Applications using .NET and C# or Visual Basic.
  • Status Model Browser: Windows client for browsing real time and historical data
  • Data connectivity for Status Enterprise includes OPC UA, OPC DA, SQL and ODBC data sources. Custom data sources can be supported

B-Scada Software Status Machine Edition
Status Machine Edition via scada.com

Status Machine Edition

If you need access to a fast connection so that decisions can support the achievement of production targets then Status Machine Edition is the right software for you to be used. This software is designed to support the operator level HMI systems in order to deliver results if the data quickly. All controlling process that includes components of OPC UA, OPC DA, SQL and ODBC Data sources can be produced if the archived data, alarm display, design, and calculate cycle time production in just minutes using machine status edition.
Status Machine Edition has the following major components:
  • Status Server: Historian, Calculation, Batch and Alarm Server
  • Status Vision Designer: Drag and Drop HMI Designer

B-Scada Software VoT (Virtualization of Things)
VoT (Virtualization of Things) via scada.com

VoT (Virtualization of Things)

Visualize data from any source, in real time and on any device requires software that is compatible with the engine control used. One popular software products used today is B-Scada IOT (Internet of Things) supported by technology VOT (Virtualization of Things). This platform is capable of connecting the physical assets, digital, and finance in real time using a custom, rare, or some other data sources, and is now compatible with a host of cloud-based services developed and managed by B-Scada


B-Scada as provider software for HMI / SCADA is now able to connect for more than 500 devices and interfaces. It is fully supported by the HMI screens for applications or Status Machine Status Enterprise Edition that are receiving accurate, actionable, real-time data. Besides B-Scada will also have reliable server compatible with OPC DA and OPC UA. Do not hesitate to use this product.


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