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Take Advantages The Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500 system for high speed and simple motion control applications

MicroLogix 1500 system is one of the popular Allen-Bradley products are widely used because it has several advantages such as providing 24 or 28 built-in basic I / O, built-in AC or DC power supply, and processor module that slides into the base unit. To improve the ability of MicroLogix 1500 system users can add optional memory and / or real-time clock module or optional Data Access Tool. This controller is supported by sixteen digital and / or analog inputs and outputs 1769 Compact ™ I / O modules.
MicroLogix 1500 system via

Basic understanding of the MicroLogix 1500 system and all the benefits contained in it

MicroLogix 1500 system enables users easy to make setting process because no chassis required with the full support of the base unit and Compact I / O module system and supported by Panel- Micrologix 1500 or DIN rail mounted. This controller can be expandable I / O to increase I / O capacity simply by adding up to sixteen Compact I / O modules (1769 series).

To support the access speed, the controller is compatible with RSLogix 500 Programming Software feature-rich, user-friendly. Operating system supports Windows-based software application programming so users do not have to adapt to this system and can directly tune in and allows rapid program development and increased reusability of the program.

There are many alternatives for data communications such as A built-in RS-232 port that supports DF1 full and half-duplex protocol (master and slave), Modbus RTU protocol slave (master available late 2003), the modem protocol radio, and read ASCII full and writing communication.

Make sure that the current settings and the installation process you have connected Micrologix 1500 controller for DH-485, DeviceNet, or Ethernet / IP network via an optional communication interface module. This controller can also be easily monitored via the Data Access Tool (DAT). Installation costs are also relatively lower and inexpensive via Removable finger-safe terminal blocks on the base unit and Compact I / O modules with a standard guarantee of global security.

Easy installation and maintenance The MicroLogix 1500 system

In addition to easy installation and maintenance, Micrologix 1500 also comes with a standard processor (1764-LSP) which provides up to 7.65K words of user memory that can be configured with a maximum user data space size of 4K words. To support the data processing speed, users can also increase the processor (1764-LRP) up to 14K words of user memory. Setting process is also easy, by removing the base unit or I / O module and mounted individually, or the entire system can be removed or installed as a unit.

For ease of maintenance and avoid the bug system routinely do the data file long-integer (32-bit signed integer, ± 2 billion) for use with math and embedded high-speed I / O instructions. Program algorithm can be used to create floating point data files, each of which can contain up to 256 IEEE-754 floating point data elements.


The Micrologix 1500 is widely used for complex applications in an industrial control plan. This controller has 1K-word user program Typical (including bit, timer, counter, and math instructions) in approximately 1ms, and it includes a built-in resources to facilitate the control system works with a good performance. Support Built-in and Modular I / O-unit basis have a 24 or 28 built-in I / O now can be upgraded up to 16 I / O modules to support the hundreds of I / O points, based on your power requirements (new 32-point modules available).


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