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Overview SCADA Security Industrial Implementation

System Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is the control of infrastructures and control processes that are important in many countries like Australia. This system performs important functions vital to many companies such as electric power companies, gas - natural, petroleum, water treatment, sewage treatment, and even the railway. However, considerations in terms of safety in the design of this system have received less attention, so the potential for interference from unauthorized access can occur. This overview discusses the identification of threats faced by the SCADA system and investigate effective methods to increase the security protocol Distributed Network Protocol that has become the industry standard in the SCADA system communication applications. You can learn advance alternatives and the implementation of effective and economical, such as the implementation of the SSL / TLS, IPSEC, object security, encryption, and authentication of objects based on others reference. You will also evaluate the implementation details of the solution and compare several approaches security methods.

SCADA Security Industrial Implementation

SCADA Security System based on Symantec Data Analysis

Australia's mining sector is a contributor to the country's foreign exchange is quite large and is currently receiving serious threats from cyber criminals attack and abroad. They can get information about the new contract, operations and specific sites that can be used, or sold to the highest bidder so that could harm the state.
According to Symantec, there are at least more than 43 percent oil and gas companies in the world hacked or experience some sort of cyber attacks in the past year. The most important thing to do is to upgrade the security network in their SCADA system. SCADA systems have to be equipped with the Human Machine Interface (MHI), and even the ability to control the system WIFI.

SCADA Security System Items to be Secured

For many companies, bringing them online SCADA system absolutely must be done, even if behind it there is a risk that the security system is vulnerable to hacking. In anticipation of hacker attacks against the security of the system needs to consider some of the following protocol must be well controlled
  • Field data interface devices, typically using a RTU or PLC, serves as an interface to the field sensing devices
  • Communication System (upper and lower level), includes communications to field devices - RTU or PLC as well as communication with other systems such as DCS, PI, corporate systems, remote communication, etc.
  • Communications infrastructure can be serial bus, fiber optic, radio waves, satellite, etc.
  • SCADA Server (Central host computer) and SCADA client commonly referred to as the master terminal unit (MTU) or the SCADA server. SCADA client is required for a medium to monitor production operations without the need to access the server
  • SCADA software that acts as a service provider SCADA, consisting of a graphic interface, control function, communication support systems monitor and control devices

The Advantage of doing SCADA Security Systems Protection

SCADA security systems well-protected online will ensure a safer working environment, with high productivity. This would give a competitive advantage to the industry globally. The mining company that has a good security system protection can ensure safe operation, project and employee to increase the confidence of investors and consumers. Therefore, mining companies began to invest more into SCADA systems and other digital infrastructure as a whole for the sake of business competition is always followed by the development of advanced technology.


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