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Take Benefits Allen-Bradley Powerful Control Solutions to Get Exceptional Reliability and Performance Result

As a leading provider of control system devices in the world, Allen-Bradley offers a large selection of many control systems in accordance with the needs of the factory application you use. This provider also offers the architectural design of a variety options modular I / O.  All systems offered by the company that are focused in the field of control systems has been designed to be distributed under control programmable automation controllers (PACs) and programmable logic controllers (PLC) so that it can provide exceptional reliability and performance result.

Allen-Bradley PLC Control

(1) 1756 ControlLogix Control System

ControlLogix® system known to have high performance in an environment that is easy to use and has some nice specifications as tight integration between programming software, and controller. This system is supported by the I / O modules that can reduce development time and costs in commissioning during normal operation running. For convenience, you can perform standard and safety control in the same chassis for the system is already integrated.

ControlLogix® system offers features that are more complete than the Standard ControlLogix controller with Rockwell Automation® control engine utilizing the Integrated Architecture ™ to meet the needs of extreme environment applications. One way to do is to create a design space XT control system modules in each slot is given a thermal cushion for ventilation to improve airflow.

To support the performance of the system, ControlLogix® I / O modules provide a variety of digital operations that include digital diagnostics, to control motion for applications measurable. For security reasons you can use one I / O module in the local chassis or in a ControlLogix controller associated with the controller ControlLogix chassis at ControlNet ™ or EtherNet / IP ™ network.

(2) 1756 GuardLogix Integrated Safety System

Users GuardLogix® Integrated Safety Systems today feel more comfortable using this device since the addition of safety features supporting SIL 3 safety applications. GuardLogix offer has been designed with integrated security systems, discrete, motion, drive and process control, as well as seamless connectivity to plant information system-wide, all in the same controller. To support the performance of the communication system the user can use the Ethernet / IP ™ or ControlNet ™ network as connecting safety interlocking between GuardLogix controllers. When the installation device, make sure the Ethernet / IP or DeviceNet ™ network can be connected.

GuardLogix® supporting features Integrated Safety Systems
To support integrated safety and motion, this system has several key features such as:
  • TÜV Certification for SIL 3 safety function and support Integrated Motion on EtherNet / IP ™, SERCOS ™ integrated motion, and the motion analog
  • To smooth the secure communications network uses Ethernet / IP, ControlNet ™ and DeviceNet ™
  • Driven chassis control systems are the same and can operate independently

(3) 1785 PLC-5 Controllers

Users who are already familiar with the product PLC-5® Control System from Rockwell Automation began in June 2017 to adapt to the new system replacement Control System PLC-5®. Users can migrate to the ControlLogix Control System which has been enhanced by using a common control engine common development environment to provide better performance again. You can learn the PLC-5 programmable controller and 1771 I / O for ControlLogix of the migration process.

In principle, Rockwell Automation will help you determine migration options so that you can get benefits, including better performance, more informed business decisions, reduce maintenance costs, and respond more quickly to changing market demands so that your investment is not in vain.

(4) GuardPLC Safety Control Systems

GuardPLC ™ Safety Control Systems is a solution that takes users PLC with high-speed access in all networks that are connected with this device. Some supporting features such as speed sensing speed, direction, zero speed, temperature, pressure and flow applications fully supported by Safe Ethernet communications network that is TÜV-certified for use in safety applications up to EN954 Category 4 and SIL 3.

Several other benefits such a network is already integrated into the standard control system, and the user can perform communication options include GuardPLC ™ Ethernet (proprietary protocol), Ethernet / IP ™, Modbus, Profibus and ASCII make PLC is widely used in the industry.

(5) SoftLogix Control System

SoftLogix ™ Control System is a further development of the control system by using the application virtual chassis that houses the controller and communication module, which interfaces with other Logix controllers and I / O modules for high performance. Application debugging and system start-up controller becomes easier to support I / O modules in the chassis virtual simulator. Some of the features that make these applications become popular as a reliable, open, PC-based control solutions making it ideal for applications of data-numbers also need to make fast decisions.  Control devise is supported by the Control I / O modules on EtherNet / IP ™ network


There are many advantages to be obtained by using Allen Bradley products above that are not owned by other brands. Control devices with the user friendly system, a system of security in the form of SIL (Safety Integrity Level) to level 3 (SIL 3), where not only the hardware are using the SIL, but the RS Logic software also use it, and the system Removing and Inserting Under Power (RIUP), which allows to replace the control device module without having to power down and do not require the initial setting of this product makes the user comfortable.


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