Saturday, September 19, 2015

The 5 Ways for HMI/SCADA Mobility to Provide Remote Access

Modern SCADA systems are now accessible in a variety of ways for all sorts using fixed and portable computing platform based HMI Mobility. HMI Mobility is one of the most powerful and complete software to create HMI applications for industrial automation so you can quickly develop advanced HMI for manufacturing operation.
Today an operations staff just sit in front of a single-screen to monitor the machine or the production process by using the Human Machine Interface (HMI), which has grown significantly. HMI / SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) can be used to help monitor and control equipment and processes, and provide a wide range of information on machinery and plant operations. This further facilitates the workflow production regularly and automatically.

HMI SCADA Mobility Remote Access

How does this Mobility HMI systems work? Consider the following description:

HMI Mobility enables Remote Access, Any Time, Any Place can be done. The 5 ways in which the HMI and SCADA system to provide remote access to users with the following explanation:

1. HMI server-browser

The most basic concept of HMI server-browser is the ability of a web server provides remote access through a web browser to be accessed by a panel-mount HMI with built-in. Access can be done from far distance, however only limited monitoring not change setting point.

2. SCADA server-browser

SCADA servers provide a convenient browser for the user to access the web server via a local SCADA software. The process is a little complicated because the PC is installed locally on the machine or process, however, though still remote access through a browser, but it is still possible for the user to access information from a distance. SCADA access the web server can serve a two-way access to both send data and a data access out.

3. SCADA server-mobile phone app

Mobile application to access the SCADA server can provide the advantage of being easier and faster remote application loading process from both inside and out Scada system. Today many SCADA software package that offers remote access feature phone application server for example mobile access web server remotely.

4. SCADA server-thin client

The ability to access a remote server via PC or other similar devices to remotely are hallmarks of modern SCADA systems. Access Scada-thin client server is basically similar to accessing local SCADA system, with a variety of features, but the process and the cost is more expensive.

5. Cloud-based SCADA server-multiple

SCADA server cloud-based solution is currently the most widely used because it can provide some means of remote access at a very low cost. The process of cloud-based Scada multiple servers can also be done in a variety of applications according to our choice.


At first many people consider becoming a low-end HMI panel-mounted apparatus, but when a simple HMI system has evolved into a highly sophisticated SCADA solution that provides key data for processed and executed by operators, engineers and plant managers from any location. Advances in technology have made the work productivity of factory workers increased thereby increasing profits for the company.


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