Monday, September 28, 2015

The Top 6 Benefits for Mobile SCADA System

A. Benefits for Workers

There are many benefits that can be taken to mobile workers who use mobile SCADA system. Mobile workers can be more efficient in work by eliminating the time required to sift through the entire SCADA system. On the other hand, controlling process to all locations within the server system more easy to be done so that workers' safety is also more secure with the support of the alarm system. Other benefits as follows:

Mobile SCADA System

1. Performance Monitoring

The ability to look at the key characteristics of mobile devices makes the technician can take and execution of data based on systems they manage. Alarm throughout SCADA allows them to continue to be vigilant for example when there is another operator that transforms a set of points so technicians can easily see these deviations.

2. Diagnostics and Maintenance

Control technicians may be located on different zones when their workers provide information that is relevant to their current location via SCADA Mobility Server based on their areas of responsibility, such as lifting equipment zone, complete facilities, etc. An engineer can monitor whether or not the control system works with geo-tagging approach that synchronizes application with SCADA Mobility Server to perform the necessary action.

3. Commissioning

Mobile SCADA allows a worker at the central SCADA control room using a radio to communicate with field workers to directly verify the status of the components assigned. The system is equipped with equipment commissioning Human Machine Interface (HMI) to operate the equipment.

4. Access Control

The SCADA Mobility Server easier for workers who need to access a person's location based on proximity to Geo-tag related to the access point so workers can find out whether it is still in their zone or outside of their authority.

B. Benefits for Management

Mobile SCADA provide ease of management to control the location of workers and the existing assets in order to avoid the risk of delayed action or inaccurate data. Here is this review:

5. Worker Location Tracking

Track the location of employees could more easily by using a mobile device so that the real-time location of the worker, traffic analysis, such as the density of workers in a region can be easily detected in real-time and displayed on a 2D or 3D map. Visualizes this data can be useful for Raising a security alarm, Adjust environmental controls (Temperature, Air Flow, Lighting, Perform energy balancing)

6. Asset Tracking

SCADA Mobility Server using the approach position Geo-tagged assets allows for tracking mobile assets more easily. Buildings or other important facilities especially mobile asset visualization can be done automatically or record information in a mobile SCADA system.


Mobile technology is very advantageous for the application of the current control system. Trends manage based on mobile SCADA system that can be accessed by a smart phone device to monitor the control room provides many benefits for both workers and management.
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