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Take Many Benefits Use Allen-Bradley GuardPLC 1600 Safety Controller for interfacing with safety components design control system

The GuardPLC 1600 controller has recently become the choice of many users to save on the cost of the design of the security system because the type of PLC provides an onboard digital I / O, built-in Ethernet switch 4-port, and a choice of flexible communications for connection to HMIs and PLCs standards in a package.

Artificial control system from Allen-Bradley has 28 digital I / O points and designed specifically to interact with safety components such as e-stops, light curtains, etc. Field technician can easily communicate and read data results processed by processor via peripherals embedded 4-port Ethernet switch. This 4 port Ethernet switch function saves the need of external networking hardware and reducing cost.

GuardPLC 1600
GuardPLC 1600 via rockwellautomation.com

Use only GuardPLC 1600 Safety Controller for cost effective safety PLC

GuardPLC 1600 safety controller is supported by a Modbus RTU slave and PROFIBUS DP slave communication options via communication devices EtherNet / IP for easy integration with standard PLCs and HMIs.

Choice of RS-485 port is available for ASCII communication and system upgrades by using GuardPLC Distributed I / O settings. This connection is useful to cost-effectively expand your safety system. For security reasons, when setting control, you have to remove terminal blocks to make swapping controllers for efficiency so that operations can be up and running again quickly in the event of a system failure.

Deeply Understand Product Design Feature to Increase The Safety and Reliability of  your System

Design of The GuardPLC 1600 controller with a built-in switch through the four-port Ethernet connection and digital I / O is considered appropriate to ensure the safety of the system at an affordable cost. 100M GuardPLC Ethernet is a standard device security with high quality plus flexibility in connecting to HMI devices and standard PLCs, making users feel comfortable using it. The controller is powered by a Modbus RTU Slave or Profibus DP Slave, and ASCII communication ports for RS-485.

Based on the survey in the field to access with a speed of 10 ms throughput, the controller is one of the industry's fastest PLC control system. On the other hand, the communication peer-to-peer allows GuardPLC controllers can work perfectly.

GuardPLC Ethernet communicate status about the safety control system to other standard devices

Communication between GuardPLC controllers using the programming language RSLogix Guard PLUS software via an Ethernet connection facilitates the use of this controller. Ethernet is ideal to use because it uses a standard category 5 cabling, switches and routers that have been certified by TÜV for use in security applications to SIL 3 and PLE / Category 4. Some supporting features such as network security category 4, in accordance with ISO 13849-1, using RSLogix Guard PLUS! And software DIN rail makes this controller has a mounting. It makes effective security surveillance system can be done well.

Typical Applications for Allen-Bradley GuardPLC 1600

  1. Perimeter guarding for robotic / weld cells and packaging machines
  2. Press controls
  3. Semiconductor tools
  4. Material handling systems


A good controller must be able to run the Ethernet / IP protocol at the same time with protocol GuardPLC. Ethernet is widely used because it has the support of safety features and is able to communicate with other standard devices such as PLC (ControlLogix®, FlexLogix ™, CompactLogix ™, SLC ™ 500 or PLC-5®), HMIs (PanelView ™, PanelView Plus, VersaView®) and other -Other. Another plus the GuardPLC controller can even control the standard I / O, such as Flex I / O and POINT I / O, network Ethernet / IP. This makes integration between GuardPLC on an Ethernet network / IP can run well in your factory.


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