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ABB AC 900F Controller is the ideal solution for all Industrial Processes that user friendly and cost-effective

ABB AC 900F controller is the latest ABB product version that is used to replace old Freelance controller to support new projects conformed to the needs of the user. Installation and operation is user-friendly, cost-effective and robust solution, ideal for all industrial processes. Some of the benefits that can be obtained with this PLC is easy to use and studied by engineers, have a back-up feature, can be used for the project began as small as 25 I / Os up to 25,000 I / Os.

ABB AC 900F PLC Controller

ABB AC 900F controller is fit for smaller applications

AC 900F has two CPU variants Processor Module PM 901F. This CPU is connected with three Ethernet interfaces to support redundancy for high availability. This controller has been upgraded significantly in all areas covering: availability, scalability, usability, connectivity and security. ABB AC 900F has two (2) to four (4) a built-in Ethernet port and is capable of supporting bus system redundancy, Modbus TCP / IP or 60870-5-104 protocol for PM 902F (standard), PM 901F (lite), and supports Modbus RTU / ASCII or IEC 60870-5-101 telecontrol protocol.

New CAN Profibus Master Modules

Security becomes an important issue in the election of PLC products. Precisely C 900F controller is widely used due to advantages in terms of security that comes with locking feature controller through the screen. When the screen is locked, an engineer must make changes engineering system, download or update the firmware that is disabled, in order to open access. Setting up the security of the system is relatively simple, direct connect the S700 I / O modules (up to 10) so that the S700 I / O series can support a mix of input and output and even analog and digital I / Os in one module for small footprint.

ABB AC 900F controller interfaces with increasing security lock

Security advantages ABB AC 900F system becomes more complete with support for Modbus or Telecontrol Power 24 V up to 10 direct the module I / O Module I / O can be connected SD card slot for loading programs, backup, loading the firmware. Other supporting features 2 slots for communication modules, 3 x 10/100 MB Ethernet, 1 x Diagnosis / Radio-clock and 2 x serial lines, with LED indicators: Power, Error, Run / Stop, Prim / Sec, Battery support the display is easily monitored via Switch / Buttons: Reset, Switch, Run / Stop.

Benefits of the new ABB AC 900F controller at a glance

The price of a good control system is certainly not cheap for the industry with a limited budget. Make sure your investment in the design of the control system provides maximum returns. AC 900F is currently able to improve scalability with redundancy options match the standard set is supported by Ethernet connected to Rack I / O ABB AC 900F can also reduce installation costs by using Profibus S700 Remote I / O and still supports dating back older hardware.


ABB AC900F is reliable controller with one of the achievements as an award-winning and patented technology. PLC is able to provide high reliability and availability of the control room efficient. This course can save you money in the process of training, installation, engineering and commissioning.


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