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Allen-Bradley SmartGuard 600 Controller appropriate solutions that require some complex logic

The SmartGuard 600 an option control engineer in designing a complex system of production control. This controller is specifically designed for safety applications that require some complex logic but still have high safety standards. This design control system is using features 16 safety-rated inputs, eight safety-rated outputs, four pulse test sources and EtherNet / IP ™ port is optional. Some devices support the safety system is included in the package for example, standard CIP and CIP safety, DeviceNet ™ connection is also included. As a complement to the design, configuration and programming is done on the Ethernet / IP, DeviceNet, or through the built-in USB port.

Allen-Bradley SmartGuard 600 Controller
SmartGuard 600 via

Use the SmartGuard 600 controller for cost-effective solutions, intelligent controllers that require a high level of safety features

Rockwell Automation Guard I / O ™ modules can be smart solutions for networking DeviceNet or Ethernet / IP ™ in the design of control systems. Other devices such as standard PLCs and HMIs can read data from the SmartGuard 600 controller for system-level diagnostics and troubleshooting can be applied simultaneously. Configure the network and program the controller can use RSNetWorx. Program's source code can be rewritten in the form of a program block for the SmartGuard 600 controller without the need for additional software programming.

SmartGuard 600 controller has a small form factor that is easy to install, do not spend a lot of places, cost-effective, and have intelligent safety controller. The control system has a simple safety relay for a full-sized safety PLC. Distribution process of safety I / O can be done through a DeviceNet network and integrate into a standard control system

Typical Applications for setting safety relay system design and safety PLC

For security reasons The SmartGuard 600 controller is positioned between relay system security and safety PLC. Setting the controller like this is actually very complicated or cannot be solved with a safety relay, but can be overcome with the use of traditional PLC safety features such as GuardLogix® or GuardPLC ™ controller.

Some obstacles that could potentially occur during the installation of this controller are security solution with the relay configuration is too complex to be done. The need for additional applications that require distributed safety I / O and / or network integration with a standard PLC such as GuardLogix or GuardPLC controllers. Additional application solution is the most cost-effective.

These applications require multi-zone control and complex light curtain. Keep in mind that applying these light curtains can be shut off when the robot is not in the operator load zone.


Although quite complicated in design relay connected to the panel, but the SmartGuard 600 controller is capable of providing a high standard safety. On the use of relay system, if the resources will be extinguished immediately shut off the entire circuit and does not automatically work back PLC will immediately execute processes in the program, but this depends on the program. This controller is also capable of operating in a fixed sequence. If a series of operations have not been changed, for example, in a control operation it will be cheaper if it still uses the concept of the use of PLC relay.


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