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The Top 5 SCADA and Automation Apps on iTunes Apple

Until today (SCADA) system is digital control data and supervision that are popular and widely applied in various fields of telecommunication industry. There is support for the development of data communications networking technology and mobile application operating systems that can already be implemented in the device smart phones and tablet PCs. With the support of the operating system and wireless technology, ease of access to data becomes more organized using Modbus protocol. Java support for SCADA already started to be given to the open source library called Java Modbus (Jamod) which supports the Modbus protocol with TCP / IP. The following Top 5 SCADA and automation apps on iTunes apple as below:

SCADA Automation Apps

1. Wonderware SmartGlance

Wonderware SmartGlance smart phone users can easily perform monitor work by tracing a summary report to the details, share and collaborate with others, and can quickly access a document or specification to support your analysis via smart phone or tablet. All reports can be monitored online and real-time all the data be accessible through your mobile device, anywhere, anytime. SCADA control system applications in SmartGlance allow users to get information and early warning related to the manufacturing and industrial facilities, processes and equipment. Take advantage of the facilities and features SmartGlance to track, trend and analyze your data based on input from the sensor data, production orders, maintenance of assets, and other performance indicators.

Wonderware SmartGlance SCADA Apps for iPhone

2. ProSoft i-View

Monitoring of process control in a current production process can be more easily done with support i-View application PROSOFT. This application is powered Opel mobile SCADA system and HMI applications that allow for monitoring performance and provides interfaces (HMI) for accessing and variables (tags) and memory of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). To speed up data access used Ethernet / IP and / or network Modbus TCP / IP, utilize 802.11 (WiFi) and / or the mobile network connection. Prosoft i-View has some of the main features of the supporting systems is the ability Monitor and control the PAC / PLC variables (tags) through local (802.11 / WiFi) or remote (mobile) wireless access, ability to import files created in Excel, Word or Open Office variable that contains specifications and ability to set different levels of access with a password to prevent accidental modification of variables or sensitive data display.

ProSoft i-View SCADA Apps for iPhone


Applications IPLC RW supported by the Modbus RFC791 protocol / RFC793 communication, able to communicate with several types of devices that support the request Modbus / reply protocol (TCP port 502) to support the performance communication to multiple links with various PLC and for each link decisive points of the type different data (book, byte, word, integer, floating point) and reading the actual values. Through this SCADA-based application you will be able to establish communications over a local IP Wireless Networks or Siemens PLC via Modbus TCP communication protocols.

IPLC RW SCADA Apps for iPhone

4. ProficySCADA

Use ProficySCADA currently more popular for being able to visualize an image that is intuitive to display multi-touch gestures using operating mouse and keyboard and automatically enlarges the active window to make it easier to take advantage of a window UI elements when using a smart phone that requires a control application based SCADA. Current users can use the features of Proficy HMI SCADA iPad that allows you to directly connect to iFIX WebSpace or CIMPLICITY GlobalView servers deliver fully functional HMI-SCADA iPad client for the operator. If your company is connected in an intranet network then you need a secure connection without the need to change, modify or convert the iFIX application or CIMPLCITY, and provide an increased level of usability on the touch screen iPad.

ProficySCADA SCADA Apps for iPhone


ICEM is widely used for monitoring your industrial system consumption, consulting energy trends, viewing alarms and active even wherever you are in the world, as you do in the Wonderware CEM Application on your office PC. This application is a client iPhone / iPod Touch for Wonderware Corporate Energy Management (CEM). To allow a user who needs Archestra iCEMServer Object (sold separately) on the server to run the Wonderware Corporate Energy Management Application then you can download Wonderware Corporate Energy Management 2.0 by navigating to the folder in your PC.

ICEM Automation Apps iPhone


To facilitate the operation of SCADA process that has been conceptualized with this well then smart phone based applications has been designed with a menu that is simple and easy to understand, especially for users who are new to this application. Mobile communication Internet-based system just as the description in the Top 5 of SCADA and automation apps on iTunes Apple is expected to speed up the data transfer unhindered access distance and time.


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