Thursday, October 29, 2015

How can Omron's FH Xpectia Visual Control Systems Factory Management Increase Your Productivity?

The process of transport or storage boxes, packing had been a major problem in the production process that is run manually. But, recently there is a control system from Omron that can automate this process with the control measures improved quality and increased regulatory pressures. It means that inspection system has e high-speed serial code verification, inspection and traceability package quickly becoming the standard. Omron control detection using FH Xpectia vision system and HMI's ability to adapt to different sizes to inspection.

Visual/Vision Control Systems

Omron's FH Xpectia vision system as solution for improvement and enhancement of the production inspection system that is reliable, secure, and energy-saving

Obstacles that occur in a production process is a process to scan the carton, bottle or blister packaging is still done manually, making it difficult to control in the event of detection defects or any sudden change in label production. The use of Omron's  FH Xpectia vision system could be tracking solution for the correct serial code as related to logistics tracking label on the commissioning stage during production. In addition the user can use serialization to help patient safety and the fight against fraud through false detection of a significant if the process occurs in the production of pharmaceutical ingredients and drugs.

In the manufacturing industry, the development of automation resulted in improved operational efficiency, so as to minimize the loss of inventory, fewer returns and product recalls, and accelerates all supply chain is transparent and trustworthy.

Omron FH Xpectia Visual Control Systems

Approaches and Methods Omron Vision System

In the packaging industry, the system of inspections carried out several inspection points such as to the factory beverages in bottles is now seen as a product which needs to be controlled at high speed using a serial code verification, inspection and traceability package quickly becoming the standard. Omron vision system has the ability to adapt the inspection to different container sizes. Automate and manufacturing innovative products to be packaged on a rapid growth curve require transport or storage boxes and setting benchmarks for speed, performance and flexibility.

Omron has advantages in terms of speed of communication to the database, PLC and other devices that use machine control EtherCAT network, enabling the implementation of motion control to be synchronized with the cycle of integrated communication. Optical inspection systems manufactured by Omron is able to 100% verify serial GS1 barcode on each item, without compromising production speed and print quality.

Flexibility in design applications Omron's  FH Xpectia vision system

The inspection system is supported by multiple cameras (up to 8) with different resolutions (up 12MPixels) per controller. Each bulk of different packages / logistics and inspection tasks can be easily accommodated and integrated a simple database. This system can also easily connect to various databases using different communication standard (direct database interaction, SQL, via Ethernet. To speed up data access to use  software algorithms to reduce the time for example for pattern matching, as well as significantly increasing the error rate.

Design Omron FH Xpectia Vision System


Process monitoring and control improvement in the inspection system requires precise control tool. optional functions can be used to monitor and improve process performance e.g. storing rejected product images or use the statistical functions to review the pass / reject products and others so that in case of product defect it can be easily detected and repaired or replacement as soon as possible.


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