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SCADA Based Industrial Automation and Security Application in The Power Industrial Automation System

Modern control system is currently widely used SCADA applications, especially in some industries that require technology that allows to process, collect and monitor data at the same time to send instructions to the points that transmit data. The industries ranging from energy generation, manufacturing, electricity, transportation, water treatment requires SCADA applications that could use the human machine interface (HMI) software that allows users to interact with the machine to control the device.

SCADA applications can adjust according to the needs by making use of supporting software to receive information from the programmable logic controller (PLC) or unit remote terminal (RTUs), which in turn receive their information from the sensors or the values ​​of the input that has been assigned manually. One of the most widely used SCADA applications are in industries related to sectors of power generation, transmission and distribution to improve the efficiency and stability of the entire system through the operation of an integrated network

SCADA in The Power Industrial Automation System

Application SCADA for Power Generating Stations

SCADA is widely used in the power generation industry for some functions such as continuous monitoring of the speed and frequency, geographical delivery of coal and water treatment processes, Keep an eye on the status of the circuit breaker, protective relay and the operation of other security-related, generation operations planning, control active and reactive power.
Conventional distribution system is no longer effective current run thus require the efficiency of electricity distribution systems ranging from generating stations to load with the use of transmission and distribution substations automatically. Automatic control system is used to set all parameters of checks per hour, fault diagnosis, which can reduce the manual labor and operating costs but able to facilitate the smooth operation of automated with minimal disruption.

Power generation industry can control the hardware and robust bus communication link with the SCADA software and hardware in the power station, so that it can provide the optimal solution for each process flexible operation with advanced control structures.

High Efficiency SCADA for Power Distribution System

One of the constraints in the power generation industry is the process of collecting all the data from the various electrical substations (even in remote locations) and process the data in real time cannot be done either through a conventional control system. Currently there are intelligent control system solutions by using programmable logic controllers in the substations to continue to monitor the components of the substation and transmits appropriate for the centralized PC-based SCADA systems.

With this SCADA control system the isolator switch could serve as a circuit breaker in case encroach parameter. The process of automatic control can also serve as a means of control during a blackout. SCADA is possible to detect the exact location of the fault therefore without waiting for the call from the customer SCADA provide alarm system to the operator to identify and prevent it.


In various projects related control systems, mechanisms for large-scale industry is much harder to control manually and thus require a solution to efficiently control mechanisms. Currently the technology is used for wireless SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is required. Large-scale industrial applications of wireless, using wireless SCADA, you can monitor all process and control the factors that affect them so as to get an advanced system performance, more economical and time-saving technologies.


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