Saturday, October 31, 2015

Take ABB AC500-ECO to meet the needs of smart and scalable solution control system

ABB AC500-ECO is a smart solution PLC in meeting the needs of modern control systems that requires small space but high performance. The cost effectiveness for modern industrial automation applications with small flexible PLC solutions often represent the ideal solution by using eco-S500 and S500 I / O modules. Scalable (AC500 platform flexibility) and easy handling through the use of pluggable terminal block makes PLC is widely used and having supporting device as follows:


1. CPUs

To support the performance of the control system, an eco-AC500 PLC has CPU configuration with the most flexible, economical, inexpensive, easy servicing and all the requirements of modern control system for small applications. Some important features of this CPU such as 128 kB program memory, program processing time of 0.08 microseconds, the CPU module PM556 with 512 kB of program memory, 1 onboard, RS485 serial interface, centralized expandable with up to 10 I / O modules (S500 standard and / or eco-S500 modules can be mixed) and has an optional SD card / SD card adapter for data storage and backup program.

CPUs have several choices of comprehensive communication with the support of an integrated serial interface makes it easy means of data exchange. Additionally Interface / protocol consist of an Ethernet interface (Ethernet variant CPU) can be used for programming and communication (UDP DHCP protocol, Modbus TCP, HTTP and FTP). COM1 Serial-based data communications interface (RS485) can be used for programming, communication or remote I / O (Modbus RTU protocol, CS31 master remote I / O or ASCII programmed).

2. AC500-ECO - S500-ECO I / O modules

ABB AC500-ECO offers a wide range of eco-S500 I / O digital and analog modules for different applications thus providing assurance and knowing that the system can grow according to your needs. These modules can be upgraded up to 10 I / O modules - standard S500 and / or S500 eco module can be blended to give you the flexibility to be able to make decisions and modifications up to the last minute

3. Accessories

The AC500-eco from ABB offers easy configuration, many libraries and functions blocks for specific customer needs of the most diverse so as to save time. Easy handling with support for CPUs with integrated I / Os for small applications with the concept of pre-wiring greatly benefit users. Builder Automation engineering has been compatible with the AC500 PLC family as part of your choice to build a customized solution based on standard S500 and S500-eko I / O module range. ABB AC500-ECO is flexible in used because it has an eco-AC500 CPU centralized and can be configured by I / O system as needed.


ABB AC500-ECO has the advantage specification products are scalable, easy handling and flexible. Flexibility AC500 platform that has been designed to integrate seamlessly into the broader AC500 family allows the user to downsize. This controller also offers individually tailored solutions that will be created using the eco-S500 and S500 I / O modules. In addition to supporting the program update, users can download the latest version via an SD card without the need for programming tools. The module can be mounted to a DIN rail with easy to use snap-on mechanism.


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