Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mitsubishi FX5U Compact PLC solutions Automation System users to develop more complex and sophisticated without migration

Increasing competition in the industrial automation business make PLC manufacturers compete to create products that suit their needs. The current constraints in the industry are increasingly complex needs of the existing PLC control system requires to be migrating to the latest version and thus require a redesign of the system control that it makes many costly and requires a long downtime. To meet these needs, Mitsubishi Compact PLC FX5U providing products that offer improved high speed bus, extend functionality built-in, advanced SSCNETIII / H and enhanced support for environmental engineering

Mitsubishi FX5U Compact PLC

As part of the new iQ-F Series, Mitsubishi FX5U designed to deliver improved performance with the addition of features that set the benchmark standard for compact PLC. When users faced problems of increasingly complex control systems, PLC is able to provide a solution to develop sophisticated automation system, as well as higher performance applications, without having to migrate to a larger PLC. Users only need a software programming through GX that could be used for other controllers in the range of Mitsubishi Electric supports scalability.

Drive up innovation for high performance control affordable

Innovation in a variety of machine control and automation applications is needed because it can give you the flexibility to create new ideas and improve system performance. Mitsubishi FX5U as part of iQ-F series PLC offers a way to increase the dimensions of a compact with good performance controlled expense ratio.

Improved connectivity with simple wiring connection

Simple connections and ease installation is FX5U offers.  Supporting devices such as Mitsubishi Electric servos and inverters, Cognex vision systems, networks and energy meters, can be assembled in a simple control system for a variety of automation equipment, without the need for additional cables or additional software.

Copy protection solution password

The control system is connected globally enables data stolen or your license by irresponsible person. FX5U is equipped with multiple security functions such as access rights based on the SD card program with password protection to protect your intellectual property.

Four axes positioning control

The FX5U is equipped with intelligent function module, which is able to provide the ability to perform sophisticated motion control up to 4 axes. To improve system performance, functionality includes interconnected axes linear interpolation, circular interpolation, position control, synchronized control, encoder following and electronic cam.

Simply synchronous control

FX5U intelligent functions with 4 axis based synchronous control software can be used as an alternative to mechanical controls, such as gear, shaft, transmission and cam. Easy operation process only with the system start / stop control cam that is even easier with auto-generation. Lock control system based cam control are each axis synchronous control and position in the same program.


FX5U products Compact PLC is indeed relatively easy to be got in the market. Users can also contact the company's official website to get a detailed explanation about this product. System solutions offered fairly comprehensive control system with 4 axes and cam control devices provide answers to the needs of modern control systems without the need to migrate the latest version.


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