Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Top 5 Operational Benefits of SCADA System

A Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system has become an inevitable component of all types of industrial systems. The efficiency of the system control tasks increases in a significant manner with this system and the cost of operation can also be reduced in the best possible manner. Here are the five most important operational benefits of a SCADA system:

benefits of SCADA system

1. Better operational control over an increased geographic area 

When people do not use supervisory control data acquisition system; control equipment that spread over a bigger geographic area demands that key control points need to be staffed around the clock. It is mainly because of the need to make timely adjustments to the distribution system. This problem can be solved with the help of a SCADA system because it offers better control of the remote facilities from a central control facility.

2. Optimal control over complex tasks involved with large businesses

When the number of customers increases, the number of field control actions needed to maintain the system stability also increases and quite naturally, the distribution system operations become more complex. In such a situation, the number of employees needed to perform these actions needs to be increased as well. Since there is no centralized supervision available, corrective actions in one location can worsen the condition in an interconnected area during emergency situations. The supervisory control and data acquisition system offers real-time access to all points from a central control facility and the need for appointing on-site crews can be avoided easily.

3. Hassle free and timely data access 

These systems allow the real-time monitoring of many distant sites and the associated data can be immediately logged as well. It overcomes the limitations of the pre-automation process and polling each data many times in an hour becomes a hassle free process.

4. Integrated operational analysis 

The graphic schematics of the entire system including real-time physical data can be accessed using SCADA systems and the operator can easily notice the effect of a regional upset on the operation of the system as a whole. Then, it becomes easy for the operator to decide the most suitable countermeasures.

5. Speedy response to emergencies or upsets

This system produces an audible alarm when the operating parameter goes beyond a preset range and the alarm can also be heard even when the data is not received. It helps the operator to identify a problem early and he/she can take the necessary steps to correct the issue. In normal circumstances, a problem can be handled from the Control center itself without sending any personnel to the site.


It can be said without an iota of doubt that SCADA has redefined the concept of managing industrial processes in many ways. It offers a wide range of amazing benefits and this system increases the operational efficiency in the best possible manner. Businesses do not need to worry about appointing personnel at different sites or sending them to the site every time when there is a problem to deal with. Reduced personnel requirements lead to reduced costs and it results in decreased operational costs as well.


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