Tuesday, October 6, 2015

IDEC Controller as solutions for flexible Automation Control need with full programming features

As one of the reliable control device manufacturers, IDEC bring some changes to the product to meet the needs of automation control. IDEC also offers controllers with high safety standards with the flexibility of the system. This feature is pretty much save space, ease of maintenance or powerful programming features. To support this controller product, IDEC programmable logic controller has some excellent products as follows:

IDEC programmable logic controller

1. MicroSmart Pentra

MicroSmart Pentra was designed to meet the needs of fast control systems, flexibility and has high accuracy. The MicroSmart Pentra has more features in the form of a small footprint so it could provide a response time of up to 16 times faster than other types. The ability of the process of rapid response is supported by Ethernet MicroSmart Pentra 10 / 100Mbps, RJ45 port and remote connectivity so that communication can be done at a faster pace with additional functions as a web server and offers some advanced features that are not owned by others competitors.

2. SmartAXIS

For the design of control systems with application I / O limited, FT1A SmartAXIS is the right choice and it is available in 12, 24, 40, and 48 I / O CPU. SmartAXIS controllers are designed with a focus to provide users with unique features and functions for applications that require limited I / O controllers. FT1A SmartAXIS is available on 12, 24, 40 and 48 I/O CPU. Several supporting features a controller such as the relay contact 10A, the analog inputs are integrated, embedded smart LCD / keypad, embedded real-time clock, RJ45 Ethernet port embedded for remote connectivity and communication Modbus TCP, SD memory slot for data logging make the controller is widely applied in modern control systems

3. MicroSmart

Often in the design of the control system, a control system engineer needs more computing power and flexibility of I / O. To meet this need MicroSmart can be a choice with several advantages such as a web server module for faster and easier Ethernet connectivity. This controller is supported by two types of modules, the All-in-One and Slim that has a variety of models with 10, 16 and 24 I / O points and is also available in four different 20 I / O modules and two 40 I / O modules. For ease of use, each CPU has a size of only 90mm high and 70mm deep. If you do not want complicated to use, the user can choose the version of the built-in input and output as well as standard features such as high-speed counters, RS-232C port and an analog potentiometer.

4. Starter Kits

IDEC controller manufacturer known for its product is easily upgradable to allow a user to adjust as needed. Besides the upgrade system is also cost-effective than having to replace the device with a new controller. IDEC Starter Kit is a product that provides everything you need to automate the existing system with ease, giving full control automation strategy with low price. Advantage is easily upgradeable in accordance with the need to provide a package that consists of a touch screen including IDEC, a MicroSmart Pentra PLC (Slim or All-in-One design), slim power supply, cables and software.


IDEC issued several new models to the series PLC micro FT1A Touch combo HMI and PLC units, namely FT1A Touch 14 I / O into applications solutions controller small scale and can save panel space by using HMI combined with a controller discrete and analog I / O in one package. Analog monitoring and control process can be performed to a higher level, allowing users in both good operator interface (HMI) and control (PLC) for a variety of applications more widely.


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