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Practical SCADA in Various Kinds of Industry to Achieve Performance of Safe and Efficient System

SCADA application in industry generally refers to a computer system to control the process of infrastructure-based or other facilities. Process industries including manufacturing, the production of power plants, refineries fabrication, and, and can be run in continuous automatically, per batch with repetitive mode, or discrete. Process control infrastructure including water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, oil and gas pipelines, electric power transmission and distribution, wind farms, civil defense siren systems, and communications systems are great.
Detailed SCADA control systems are widely used in industry as explained as follows:

Practical SCADA in Various Kinds

1. Oil and Gas

Oil and gas industry requires a SCADA control systems for process monitoring and control pipeline remote monitoring and control of production, pumping, and storage location. The industry is very risky if not controlled automatically, especially if the process occurs on the offshore platform and onshore wells refineries, petro-chemical stations. In the oil and gas industry there are oil wells producing. Results crude oil of each of the production wells are collected in collection Stadium or Gathering Station (GS). Usually at each production oil wells installed a system (RTU) that monitor and control some conditions of the production of oil wells. Local control caaried out on each production well and a supervisory control that is in the collection station, perform control and monitoring to all existing production well under supervision.

2. Water and Wastewater

Industrial wastewater treatment is integrated activities includes reduction (minimization), segregation (segregation), handling (handling), utilization and waste water treatment, Water treatment centers and distribution and Wastewater collection and treatment facilities. Thus in order to achieve optimal results, the activities surrounding the management of waste water needs to be done and not just rely on the activities of industrial waste water filtration alone. When the only waste management activities directed at industrial waste water filtration then load activities at Wastewater Treatment Plant will be very heavy, requiring a broader area, more equipment, technology and high costs. Preliminary activities in waste management (reduction, segregation and waste management) will help reduce the burden of waste water treatment.

3. Utilities

In the electric power system, Electrical power distribution from gas-fired, coal, nuclear, Electrical power transmission and distribution communication media used is Power Line Communication, Radio Data, Optical fiber optic. Selection of the communication media is very dependent on the distance between sites, the media who have been there and it is important whether a point (substation).

Settings complex power systems process is greatly dependent on SCADA. Without a SCADA system, electric power system can be likened to a pilot to bring the vehicle without the instrument before him. Electric power system settings can be done manually or automatically. In the settings manually, the operator set the loading station with the status of the electrical equipment which may be operated for example Circuit Breaker (CB), a load generator, transformer load, the load of a transmission or cable and change of loading in accordance with the frequency of the electrical power system. Settings are automatically performed by the application of Automatic Generating Control (AGC) or Load Frequency Control (LFC) regulates the loading station which is calculated based on the setting of the frequency deviation.

4. Agriculture / Irrigation

Agro industrial complex is part of the agricultural industry since the production of primary agricultural materials, industrial processing or transformation to use by the consumer. Besides, Agro industry has linked activities (Interlacing) production, processing, transportation, storage, financing, marketing and distribution of agriculture products. The needs that much needed was the monitoring system to support the development of Agro Industry factors such as:
  • Ecology & Environmental Monitoring System is a monitoring system for monitoring natural resources to be utilized optimally.
  • Irrigation Monitoring System of a monitoring system to measure good irrigation management required an irrigation performance assessment tools.

5. Manufacturing

In the manufacturing process that is fully automated requiring: programmable multi sensors (temperature, pressure, flow rate, level surface of the liquid, viscous substance, infrared, motor speed, torque motors, etc.), and a programmable controller that is capable of taking decisions with precise and accurate. Then to a data acquisition system that is based on a microprocessor that can be applied as a digital control system which is equipped with a memory unit that is able to recall, and programmable, the system can be programmed. So the digital control system suitable for use as an adaptive control system.

6. Food and Beverage

Cleaning Sterilization, heater and Cooling Bottles / Cans Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) in the food and beverage industry to effectively control both free plank tonic and sessile microorganisms requires a SCADA-based control system. Sessile bacteria growing in bio films are emerging as the ideal environmental conditions (temperature, nutrients, etc.). Bio films appear on the surface of heat exchange, in pipes, ducts, holes and pump. The resulting inefficiency costs were high because energy waste, downtime and repairs. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a best biocide and disinfectant to control bio film in the system.

7. Pharmaceutical

Industrial Automation Solutions in the pharmaceutical field in need of innovation in production, meet the requirements in the factory, as well as R & D, after sales service, and many more. Pharmaceutical production control process requires several supporting devices such as 3D motion tracker function, as well as the first Photoelectric Sensor in factory automation. All this led to our success in all areas ranging from packaging, to the handling of materials.

8. Telecommunications

SCADA in the telecommunications industry are used to support increased security demands (such as the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and critical infrastructure protection (CIP) in the US), there is an increasing use of satellite-based communications. This has the major advantage that the infrastructure can be independent (not using circuits of the public telephone system), may have a built-in encryption, and can be engineered to availability and reliability required by the SCADA system operator. In the previous experience of using a consumer-grade VSAT poor. Modern systems provide carrier-class quality of service required for SCADA.

9. Transportation

The traffic control system or Traffic Control System (ATCS) is the traffic control by aligning a red light on the road network of a city. Setting traffic through this system requires a parameter number of vehicles and travel time based on control system. For this purpose we need a reliable instrumentation for a period long enough to perform repeated measurements periodically. Measurement parameters that are different in the same time required integration of the whole measurement system into the data collector.


SCADA is an integral component in nearly all industrial plants and production facilities are based automation. This system is capable of performing control functions of the production process by collecting and analyzing real-time data to monitor and control equipment associated with critical materials and time-sensitive or events. Currently SCADA has been used in a wide variety of industries that require automatic control system as described above.


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