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PACSystems RX3i Controller as an Internet-based Control System Solutions for a wide range of Industrial Applications

The RX3i controller is further generation of PAC controllers to support some of the trends in the industry including control sustainability, standards-based open architecture, computing and control at the machine level, and integration into the Industrial Internet. Customers expect their manufacturing assets to outlast the control system. This new way of developing a control platform allows them to maintain investment while taking advantage of the latest technologies to make their assets more productive, more reliable and more cost efficient.

PACSystems RX3i Controller

Power and High Performance in supporting Internet connectivity Industry

The PACSystems RX3i controller has advantages in terms of power and performance and became a solution for Internet connectivity industry because it is able to integrate the platform critical control, logic, motion, HMI, process control and high availability based on GE technology Memory Reflective, RX3i improve system performance and flexibility. Some controllers has a hardware platform features a single control engine and universal programming environment for application portability. Meanwhile support software provides a universal engineering development environment for programming, configuration and diagnostics for the entire PACSystems family using tag-based programming, a library of reusable code and a test edit mode for troubleshooting online.

Plug-and-play PROFINET device supporting Connectivity Provides Insights into Machines and Systems

Applications are easy to make the control system can be cost-effective and fuel-efficient. Plug-and-play PROFINET-enabled devices allow a user to connect a machine, process data, create, configure, simulate, deploy and operate the controls from a single point of connect, on any device with a browser. To speed up access and if data needs to open communications support including Ethernet, GENIUS *, Profibus ™, HART, DeviceNet ™ and serial hot insertion for both new and migrated modules.

High Availability Maximizes Uptime to avoid network failure

In a reflective memory technology control system is used to keep the CPU synchronized with a simple configuration, but have minimal impact on application performance, so that it can produce bumpless switchover in case of failure. This serves to minimize the possibility and effects of network failures while allowing system updates and maintenance without stopping the process of redundancy rings

Apply High-Performance Processors to Increase Productivity

If the process data using high-speed processor can avoid congestion information. This controller has a processor in a dual backplane bus support per module slot with specification: having high speed, PCI-based for fast throughput of new advanced I / O, Serial backplane for easy migration of existing Series 90-30 I / O. To ensure the access speed of the CPU must meet a variety of performance criteria up to and including Intel® 1 GHz CPU for advanced programming and performance with 64 Mbytes of memory

High-density discrete I / O ensure Extends Interoperability System Lifecycle and Reduces Costs

Cost is a factor to consider in the design of control systems. The RX3i controller is supported by high-density discrete I / O, universal analog (TC, RTD, Strain Gauge, Voltage and Current configurable per channel), isolated analog, high-density analog, high speed counter, and motion modules. In addition to speeding up the process of data processing, advanced diagnostics and a variety of configurable interrupts should feature expansion I / O


PACSystems RX3i controller is a controller solutions with the leading-edge computing network technology, and supported by the emerging ecosystem of cloud-based support tools. RX3i can make the user get the productivity benefits of machine-to-machine connections through the Internet. RX3i platform built into the design of embedded control platform as well as an open industry standard architecture technology for increased performance, integration into the Industrial Internet, and greater uptime and low total cost.


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