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Basic Application Principles Maximizing Safe and Fast I/O Signal Transmission using The SM300 Series MTU (Master Terminal Unit) and RTU (Remote Terminal Unit)

A Remote Terminal Units were placed at a location and certain places in the field that acts as a local data collectors obtain data from the sensors and send commands directly to the equipment in the field requires the specification and process the appropriate settings. Telemetry system will be integrated with the Master Terminal Unit used as a data processor which automatically set the system according to the inputs sensors data accepted.

remote telemetry unit

Basic Principles Maximizing Safe and Fast I / O signal transmission using the SM300 Series MTU (master terminal unit) and RTU (remote terminal unit) generates an efficient system performance and have high performance. How could this happen? Let's consider the following detailed description:

A. Typical applications include

As an important part of the admissions process I / O signal and data processing, SM300 Series MTU widely applied in various applications following:

Water & Wastewater Systems

In the process of wastewater systems, MTU is used to process the data and the results of measurements water quality parameters to be monitored while providing continuity of service and the ability to operate in the event of failure event.

Sub Stations

MTU is important devices that has function in the process of data processing, archiving and reporting of data from the monitored parameters at once management on-call duty for error occurs.

Lift Stations

Application of this device on the lift station used to calculate the energy consumption coming from sensor detection results that sent through the master terminal unit.

Tank Farms

Management and monitoring of the rise and decline of water level control dams, water sharing arrangements on the canal and checking the irrigation flow structure


This device is used to build the water production data customer information using Telemetry

Flow, Level, Pressure Monitoring

Master terminal units is useful for the modernization of the Production Process Control and Pump Station SCADA systems which include flow, level and pressure fluid to determine the quality parameters of materials.

Pipeline Monitoring

MTU application is widely used for monitoring and control of water flow rate, high reservoir pressure in the pipes and various other factors

Water Mains

Device is used for monitoring, control and data acquisition of the miniature water level control and realized in a device in the form of modules that can regulate water levels, how to connect the hardware (PLC) software and infrastructure whatever is necessary to control a miniature water level control

Environmental Monitoring

The device is widely used to control HVAC, refrigeration units, lighting and security systems.

B. MTU I/O Features

The SM 300 series RTU (master terminal unit) is capable of telemetry hardware designing as a stand-alone process and receive data through the I/O signal transmission. MTU is supported complementary features that have real time output level of the tank as 4-20mA accordance with 4-20mA signal in the form of digital data received from the remote site. Further data if the process is the distribution of data from input contacts and sent to the remote site to the output device (e.g. pump). All processes are connected via a data communication network automatically. If an error occurs, the MTU will provide notification output location where the error occurred, and if communication fails, the remote output held or reset. SM300 has a MTU Series 8 Digital In, Digital Out 8, 2 Analog Out, Expansion: Digital In and Out, and Multiple Protocols available.


To generate I / O signal transmission fast and securely was needed a Master Terminal Unit (MTU) for processing the signal data from the RTU in the form of data communication such as cycles, runtime, minimum, and maximum process that is transmitted via the internal modem on leased line, radio or spread spectrum connections. The SM300 Series MTU (unit master terminal) and RTU (remote terminal unit) is compatible with any programmable controller, DCS, or other device that receives an input signal, as well as most commercial software packages to be the right choice for the design the control system of the present.


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