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Specification and Product Knowledge Toshiba PLC for Control Applications with a Series Operator Interface Station and the Gateway Protocol Converter

Toshiba PLC is experienced in designing a product for control systems ranging from simple sequence control up to complex process and automation systems. Comprehensive automation solution is supported by some PLC V200 Series Micro PLC, V2000 Series Small PLC and Operator Interface Station offers a range Operator Interface Station and the Gateway protocol converter. Excellence system and the workings of the V200 Series Micro PLCs, V2000 Small Series PLCs and Operator Interface Stations will be explained through the following description:

Toshiba PLC

1. V200 Series Micro PLCs

Some of the security features of the V200 Series Micro PLC Toshiba as using the network: Modbus Master / Slave, Client Modbus TCP / IP / Server, Toshiba Inverter / ASD, Advanced Math: Double Register, Floating Point, Log and antilog make the controller is suitable for engine-control sophisticated and complex process control applications.

The ability of the controller with optional expansion I / O to impress communication, an instruction set of advanced and large memory (program and registration data) makes V200 is suitable for control systems that require high performance and integrated with Software Programs Match all OIS PLUS (Operator Station Interface) and V200 Series PLC. The main features of this controller as a wide variety of I / O Module: HS Input, Output PWM, Thermocouple, computer Control Instructions: I / O Interrupts, with SMS Module Coming Soon Communication, IEC 61 131 Programming Option.

2. V2000 Series PLCs Small

Small PLC V2000 Series is designed with a large program memory capacity, and is compatible with any program written for T-Series CPU can be downloaded directly to S2E / S2T without modification. This controller is suitable for simple relay replacement applications for complex control applications that offer a solution that is functional, economical, and compact for a wide range of applications in the automotive, machine control, and process control systems.

This controller has been supported by the device with the V-Series rack, and I / O devices and modular-type standard controller for Controller S2E / S2T small Toshiba. To upgrade the system users can directly contact the vendor at the time they buy a product.

3. Operator Interface Stations

Operator Interface Station serves to produce a display that is intuitive navigated by keypad or touch screen. Toshiba Micro PLC V200 series is supported by a wide selection of Toshiba OIS is easily integrated into the most common system resulting in reliable performance with a high degree of flexibility. Toshiba OISS working system is to monitor the condition of the system via a text or graphic-based and then display it in an attractive graphical display and make any necessary changes.


V200 Series Micro PLC Compact PLC Toshiba category in which the components of the processor, I / O, and power supply attached to one part in one inseparable unit. This controller can control a variety of automation applications in a compact design, expandable, low cost, and powerful instruction set. Toshiba PLC becomes the perfect solution for controlling small applications with a wide variety of CPU sizes and voltages provides you the flexibility you need to solve your automation problems.
A Toshiba Micro PLC consists of CPU alone or with a wide selection of expansion modules are able to combine a central processing unit (CPU), power supply, and discrete I / O points into a compact stand-alone device.


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