Friday, October 16, 2015

Versa Max, The Perfect Choice Powerful and Reliable Compact Controllers

Versamax is the model PLC in small packages, have a composition powersupply package and have the module I / O and communication in a single package. Controller is a compact robust and reliable despite versamax shaped package. It can still be in the extents of the number of I / O. Special, Good Versamax Nano and micro brings the concept of all-in-one construction, which generates plc system that is small and save space. Users bus pick some kind of PLC versaMax fit the following requirements:

VersaMax PLC Controller

VersaMax Micro Controllers

VersaMax is designed to have high levels of security such as a PLC that is placed inside the cabinet without the cost and effort to make the cabinet by offering features and flexibility to suit your application needs, with fast cycle times, a robust instruction set and extensive memory. There are several types of this kind are VersaMax PLC, VersaMicro, Series 90-30, Series 90-70 with less support PAC: RX3i, RX7i, HMI Touch screen, Cimplicity, iFIX and Proficy Machine Edition
  • VersaMax Micro Offers Big Performance in a Small Size

    VersaMax Micro offers flexible Communication with additional controllers and multiple choice Micro serial Ethernet data communications. This controller has the features and the flexibility to customize your application needs, with fast cycle times, a robust instruction set and extensive memory that expand programming options

VersaMax Micro Plus Controllers

For a system capacity greater control you can use the VersaMax Micro Plus Controllers which have enhanced features such as more memory, high precision and advanced motion instruction set. VersaMax Plus supports user friendly memory modules can be easily connected to the controller to download the latest program changes without the need for a PC.
  • VersaMax Micro Plus Enhances Productivity

    VersaMax Micro Plus Increases Productivity with the support PACSystems RX3i Ethernet module. This controller has method for detecting cross connect cable or Ethernet cable, so the hub or the hub, you can directly plug into the ethernet.

VersaMax Nano Controllers

VersaMax Nano has a control system package structure which is small but is ideal for high volume applications where speed and a fast processor costs is very important. Controller package is designed in one construction, installation is easy - and fits in the palm of your hand.
  • VersaMax Nano Delivers High Speed in Tight Spaces

    VersaMax Nano Delivers Free in Space Tight Build modern infrastructure based on smart hardware which enables the machine to securely connect today push actionable data to the corporate level. Explore Internet Control GE Industrial Solutions.

VersaMax Modular Provides Superior Versatility

VersaMax Modular has a compact with a smaller footprint than the control / IO combination of distinctive and capable of providing superior multifunctional online programming that allows users to easily modify the controller logic without stopping.


VersaMax is a controller that is cost-effective, has a versatile controller is easy to use and support and offers a wide range of I / O expansion modules and communication options. Some support device designed to enhance the control capabilities in a package that is reliable PLC. PLC is also supported by the device ethernet module consists of a 2 port ethernet similar, the functioning as a redundant link. If at any time the first port fail, it will automatically use the second port to the IP and other similar settings. So that it can support redundant Human Machine Interface (HMI / MMI).


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