Saturday, October 17, 2015

Beware, 4 Types of Cyber Attacks is Staking Your Company

The more sophisticated control technology implemented, the more sophisticated is also a threat to the security of the system. One hat hacking firm that consults for the industrial, financial, technology and government sectors have interesting analysis on this subject. Chris Weber, co-founder of Casaba Security revealed that at this time, the threat of security system has increasingly sophisticated, can bypass standard security system such as firewalls, malware detection and intrusion detection systems that can pose a serious threat to the safety of operations and manufacturing company. If previous company uses security standards as above, then the current system is no longer relevant and needs to be updated.
Well, what are the threat of cyber attacks against the manufacturing industry? Let’s consider the following description:

Beware of Cyber Attacks

1. Drive-by Downloads

This threat typically involves irresponsible PIC (technician) control. Malware such as Trojans, viruses, worms, spyware, adware, rootkits and so on that can damage computer systems, impeding access to the Internet and the most dangerous is to steal data information control machine has been installed on a computer or other device so that when someone technicians visit the website then without conscious will be directed to the site of reference so that all data entered can be stolen through a system of web references.

2. Cross-Site Scripting

Cross-site scripting work based on web references such as a drive by download. The difference is this system does not install malware on a computer, but it has the ability to steal all logins and passwords stored on the browser. The most serious and dangerous threats through a cross-site scripting includes access to an online account key, network control and access, access to the engine system, client and vendor portals, bank accounts and more.
If a drive by download works based on install malware on your computer, then sent a cross site scripting attack via email using a valid URL, but if the e-mail run then unconsciously you will be taken to other reference web that can access your important data.

3. Watering Hole Attack

The system works based on the scrip code entered into the company's website that visit many employees and customers regularly. Hackers will learn the company's website that is regularly accessed by employees with the aim to have data that search by the employee. The malicious script code is used to access the data that are needed. This attack watering hole system can be combined with already-infected computers through drive-by-download or attack 'malvertising' or ' malicious advertising '. This attack is easier to do if the web company's third-party ad serving.

4. Wrappers

This type of malware can pose a serious threat because it is hidden within a legitimate software program so difficult to be detected. Wrapper difficulty in detection because it has a same signature with legitimate software. Unfortunately antivirus you only work on code checking in to see if the signature is found or not. If the signature is found on the foreign software then pass the anti-virus scan, but malware also has the signature. Hackers have found that if you can change the code, you can beat detection devices. The threat of entry through update programs such as PDF, Word doc, computer games or other utility tools.


Increasingly sophisticated security threats to the  manufacture system, makes you have to modernize the security system through malware detection, firewall, and control access to data and systems. Make sure each employee is responsible for the use of email, password and make sure there are no open ports connect to the Internet without a good security system to ensure your system is safe.


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