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ABB AC500-S Safety PLC, Fairly Sophisticated Controller for Complex Functional Applications

AC500-S Safety PLC is the flagship product of ABB which has the structure of programming languages Automation Builder V1.0 offers greater flexibility and simplicity for programming in Structured Text (ST) and Function Block Diagram (FBD) and Ladder Diagram (LD). Security features is fairly sophisticated controller for complex functional applications such as crane, hoist, robotics, wind turbines etc. CPU separate safety even offers the benefits of security function that remains active even when the non-safety control is not active.

ABB AC500-S Safety PLC


AC500-S Safety PLC CPU module SM560 offers to support all the requirements of the application of functional safety standards. Alternatively, the user can use non-security CPU, for example PM57x, PM58x or PM59x according to need. This CPU has a flexible configuration in machine building since the switch configuration and capable RUN while non-Safety CPU in STOP or maintenance mode. All kinds of data processed in the processor using trigonometric functions and supports up to SIL3 (IEC 61508, IEC 62 061) and PL e (ISO 13849-1). To support direct connection to the safety components PNO, the user can use the AC500-S functioning as XC (extreme conditions) version for harsh environmental conditions.

When the control systems need reliability, efficiency and flexibility in automation security, then the CPU SM560 module is an innovative solution for protecting people, machines, processes and the environment. There are 4 modules and 1 terminal unit that has the specifications and features that support in this CPU, namely
  • Digital Input Module DI581-S has 16 digital input channels safety to SIL2 or PL d OR 8 channels of up to SIL3 or PL e with an output of 8 test pulses.
  • Digital Input / Output Module DX581-S with 8 digital output channels safety to SIL3 or PL e safety channels and 8 digital inputs up to SIL2 or PL d OR 4 channels up to SIL3 or PL e with an output of 4 test pulse to speed up data access.
  • Analog Input Module AI581-S features a 4 channel safety input current up to SIL2 or PL d OR 2 channel safety input current up to SIL3 or PL e.
  • Terminal Unit TU582-S which has a semi-free interference-type (40 points) terminal unit.

S500 I/O modules

Functional safety standards set out in SIL3 (IEC 61508, IEC 62 061) and PL e (ISO 13849-1) with the approval of CE, CUL, UL and C-Tick must be supported by a device I / O Modules good. S 500 I / O modues can connect with the I / O Bus (local rack) as well as on the shelves remotely over the network using the protocol PROFIsafe PROFINET.

Some conditions of control systems must meet several safety features 16 digital input channels up to SIL2 or PL d OR 8 channels of up to SIL3 or PL e with an output of 8 test pulses. In addition there are other alternatives that can be selected safety features that is 4 channel safety input current up to SIL2 or PL d OR 2 channel safety input current up to SIL3 or PL e can be configured for a range of 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA (1 or 2 channels mode).


Safety PLC AC500-S is the ideal choice for control systems that rely on highly accurate calculations for controlling the speed, position etc. This controller is equipped with semi-free interference device types (40 points) terminal unit TU582-S with DIN rail or wall mounting with two screws and hardware accessories making it suitable for a solid, flexible and with IP20 protection class. To support system security and long battery life, then the built-in power supply checking process is implemented with the support features digital input module DI581-S. To avoid data leakage, all channels (including the output pulse test) protected reverse polarity, reverse supply, short circuit and continuous overvoltage up to 30 V DC


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