Monday, October 19, 2015

Consider The Top 3 Most Problem with HMIs as Below

For people communicate with machines using the appropriate interface devices. HMI become the most widely used interface for communication between man and machine control in SCADA control system. Currently the portable interface that provides users with more freedom to have a tablet that can perform automated process for monitoring. This makes the role of the manager is no longer tied to their desks, but are free to control the process while making mobility to another.
Today many people have started using Google Glass as cultural trend towards wearable technologies and interfaces. How does effect this to interface. Check the most problem with HMIs as below:

HMI Problems

1. Backlit villains for reducing overheating

Parameters to determine the reliability of a HMI like the look, the image quality and brightness of the screen becomes a primary consideration in choosing this interface. Linear quality with the price of the device. If the HMI is used only for simple tasks or rarely used then use any standard quality.
You need to consider that the obstacles to obtain a high quality brightness is overheating. Heat can seriously affect the life time backlight, although the easy replacement in found. Still, it is a waste that needs to be an effort to reduce overheating.

2. Gentle touch as screen protector

The current touch screen technology becomes a necessity as part of the latest technological features that are already compatible with your phone or tablet. Constraints using touch screen technology are fears of many scratches so that the screen becomes worn or scratched weight. This resulted in the display becomes less responsive so that it took the pressure tougher on the screen. In the long term can damage the screen that need a screen protector.
To overcome this, many use a capacitive screen, which has no glass elements instead of a resistive screen. If you are still using the control device, the resistive screen wearing gloves could be a solution that can be used. The capacitive screen is able to offer some of the more advanced functions of a resistive screen, such as a better display, swipe to touch and improved response speed.

3. Simple feature for better appearance

HMI design becomes a feature that many made in consideration for the user. One of the obstacles design that often arises is the complicated application functions bush, engineers in the design process is not an end user and displays and functions can be convoluted. Bright colors, flashing lights and mountains of numerical data that actually makes operator confusion. It is a challenge for engineers designing the HMI. Users require color features with low contrast, and is able to draw a simple graph.


Selection of HMI must be precise and be done with caution. Obstacles often experienced when using the interface as described above can be avoided if we use HMI according to the needs of our design control systems. A common complaint that often occur such as difficulty accessing the data, poor ergonomics and even practical display method so that the problem arises where the font is too small and difficult to read is one of the obstacles that can be avoided.


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