Tuesday, October 20, 2015

PACSystems, The Rxi Controller System with Integrated PROFINET, Intelligent Display Module, and a Compact Format

Users The RXi controller is now able to get the advantages of this controller. This controller is capable of doing its unique combination of integrated PROFINET, intelligent display module, and a compact format. With support for dual-core CPU and Gigabit PROFINET (with built-in redundancy MRP) and an Ethernet port, every aspect of RXI able to perform control operations with high performance via I / O applications.


To support the performance of power, the controller can be combined with RXi Modular IPC to provide a unique control and computing platform. Suitable for applications in the manufacturing plant control system with a combination of RXi Modular IPC, a new display panel RXi and the new multitouch technology.

Some other advantages of Rxi Controller is described as follows:

Higher performance supported by connector with an integrated high speed and multi-core CPU

The performance of the control system depends on the supporting device. One device that is needed is a connector with an integrated high speed data handling allows instant and easy to use. Operator controls stay the process of plug and play to use. This is what distinguishes RXi Trustees of other offerings.

Specifications support devices such as multi-core CPU types with special functions, Integrated modular computing RXI via IPC platform, Chassis DIN Rail or Panel Mount and Memory 2 GB of RAM and up to 64 GB Internal Flash Data Storage increasingly ensure access data quickly and accurately.

Greater uptime control system combined with RXi Modular IPC

Dual core CPU and Gigabit PROFINET (with built-in redundancy MRP) and an Ethernet port capable of generating greater uptime control system. Controller can be combined with RXi Modular IPC to support the development, commissioning, and maintenance controll system. Motion options via integrated PROFINET network is performed using Proficy Machine Edition - providing a single environment for discrete and process applications.

RXi controller has no local I / O allowing for future upgrades. Besides this controller has built-in PROFINET with ring redundancy so easy to use, low installation cost with high performance. PROFINET systems as network I / O open makes the user free to choose best of breed I / O and other devices, like drives and vision systems, for use in their systems.

Lower cost of ownership computing platform

PACSystems RXi, control and computing platform designed for the Internet industry needs. RXi platform offers a complete high-speed interfaces, with multiple gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 ports. These features high performance combined with GE's PACSystems control engine to deliver uncompromised performance and application flexibility.

The PACSystems RXi family of controllers has built-in redundant PROFINET interfaces, delivering high performance, high uptime control solutions. RXi Industrial PC (IPC) configurations can run HMI, Historian and precise analysis applications on the machine, even in harsh environments. This facilitates real time control better than operating and improving integration into plant systems and enterprise-wide. RXi platform fully supports cloud-based collaborative automation platform development and deployment paradigm of control system.

PACSystems Controller System


RXi platform is a key element in our strategy to deliver high performance control solutions that can be developed, used, and maintained by the collaborative, our new platform of cloud-based automation - providing true integration with the Internet Industry. PROFINET-based distributed platform architecture offers the best combination of high performance control with distributed I / O for installation and lower maintenance costs coupled with redundant I / O networking for high reliability.


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