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Autonics Logic Panels LP-S044 Series, The controller equipment to maintain desired outputs in control processes to support automation industrial needs

Since 1977, Autonics Corporation has been involving in providing sensors, controllers, and others measuring instruments around the world. This Korean automation company has been producing over 6,000 items which are marketed in over 100 countries, ranging from sensors commonly used in automation systems until controllers equipment to maintain desired outputs in control processes to support automation industrial needs.

In the latest development high tech parts and device, this company provides advanced and productive automation solutions in the global automation market.

If you are looking for those devices, especially in Logic Panels LP-S044 Series, this following explanation will be benefit for you. Let’s detail as below:

LP-S044 Series of Autonics Controller

Logic Panels LP-S044 Series Main features and function

In order to support your control system performance, you need device that can be operated by touch screen display. Logic panel LP-S044 is easy and economical solution for that various expansion function, External interrupt, 16-key input, 7 Seg. time-sharing display and synchronous communication output. It is incorporating HMI, PLC and I/O modules in one body and capable of controlling and monitoring for external controllers. Controlli process method uses built-in PLC’s communication function that consists of 16 points of I/O and can be controlled through LP main body. This Logic panel is supported by high capacity memory of 8,000 steps. For easy ad user friendly usage, this was completed by PC graphic editor and PLC logic program.

This panel LP-S044 QR CODE has configured in the compact structure to reduce cost, and save room space. This is featuring wide device range, consist of peripheral device 10K word, data device 10K word, and other various devices, Input 16 points, output 16 points(basic) that was easy operated through PLC+HMI+Input/ output integration and 8000-step program capacity, basic command 28, application command 220 can improve compatibility. There is sufficient external I/O supported high acces the average processing speed 6 to 7μs/step.

Logic Panels LP-S044 Series Applications

Autonics Corporation has been providing many types of controllers that are widely used in industrial control systems. Based on many testimony from user, these company products have a diverse range of highly accurate and reliable controllers for ideal system control. Logic panels series is one of popular controller product of Autonics. The logic panels are touch screen HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) panels with integrated PLC functions and I/O, for total comprehensive control. There two products of LP-S Series namely LP-S070 Series with highly economical solution for Graphic Panel with PLC function and LP-S044 Series with main featuring highly economical solution for PLC function incorporated touch screen.

In the industry, one of application of this logic panel is controlling automatic PCB transfer in soldering machine. It was supported multilingual for Korean, Japanese, English, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese and Portuguese. Additional languages will be available by firmware.


Logic panels LP-S044 series supported by easy upgradable software based on the requirement. This controller is able to maintain desired outputs in control processes to support automation industrial needs. To make higher access solution it was completed by various multi-communication ports, both RS232 2 port and RS232/RS422 compound port are provided. The controller also applicable to monitor LP device. It can be properly used and connected controller devices by LP without graphic design data.


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