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Take benefits based on product specification of All in One Controllers from Horner Automation Group to automate your processes and make your company more productive and profitable

If you are looking for reliable automation companies that offers the widest range of integrated control products in the world then Horner Automation Group is the right choice. It is leader in providing All-In-One Controllers and focusing on industrial and commercial automation products including: All-in-One Controllers, Expansion and Remote I/O, Control Software, Control Accessories.

All products are designed by Horner engineers along with standard core hardware product offerings. As the leader in providing all-in-one control, one of Horner APG products offering is All-in-One Controllers which is consist of 5 items products namely Classic OCS, NX Series, QX Series, XL10e and XL6e. All product specification and requirement will be described in this explanation below:

All In One Horner Controllers

Classic OCS powered by the highly-rated Intel 296 processor

This Classic OCS is powerful device powered by the highly-rated Intel 296 processor. There many variant models user can choose that feature integrated Control, I/O, one RS-232 serial port and CAN Network. To support automation control setting, Horner APG produces several item OCS based on requirement such as OCS Controller with two-line by 20 character display, 8K battery-backed RAM (2048 %Rs), 8K battery-backed RAM (9999 %Rs), 32K battery-backed RAM (2048 %Rs) and 32K battery-backed RAM (9999 %Rs). All orders placed after 3:00pm EST are not guaranteed to ship same day, but if user order before, device can be ship on the same day.

NX Series, integrated Operator Interface to support downloadable PLC/Drive Communications Protocols

In the control system design, communications protocols need compatible device which is having specific requirements. Do not worry about that, NX Series Model HE-NX220 has integrated Operator Interface and Control Engine, support downloadable PLC/Drive Communications Protocols and feature a CompactFlash slot.

Many items available based on user needs, namely NX220 NX Series OCS w/128x64 mono LCD display (back lit) completed by two serial ports and CsCAN port standard, and can be implemented for plastic SmartStack, FOX I/O, and SmartStix I/O standard. For other specification, user can choose OCS w/240x128 mono LCD display that specification 100-base-T Ethernet port, HTTP web serving, and FTP access to CompactFlash files. To get higher speed performance Adds 500 KHz high speed counter and PWM outputs.

QX Series with multiple serial ports

This QX series Model  HE-QX351 has specific feature. It displays an integrated operator interface and control engine with modularity all in one controllers design. It can be implemented with more than one device connection with multiple serial ports, built-in Ethernet, and removable mass storage compatible with it.

Based on TFT Display and serial ports available, this product can diverse to many items for example: QX351 QX Color-Touch OCS unit with built-in Backpack capability.  5.7" TFT Display, 256K Ladder, 32Kb Registers, and 8.4" TFT Display with CompactFlash slot and 3 serial ports is also available. Each of them supported by 2 SmartStack modules supported micro SD slot, CsCAN, USB mini-B (programming) and USB-A, on-board Ethernet connected with two RS232/RS485 serial ports.

XL10e, redesign controller to incorporate newer using state of the art components and circuitry

Obstacles often experienced by the user using the previous series controller are slow access speeds for multiple applications running at once. This is due to components and circuitry that is used is not up to date so that in response to customer needs and changes in the electronics industry, Horner has redesigned our XL10 controller. It will guarantee the user can get newer and speed up access by using state-of-the-art components and circuitry. In addition, this device Also featuring a built-in logic engine using the operator interface and connected by networking and I / O supported by application memory with a 0.2ms / K logic scan.

XL6e compatible with built-in logic engine, operator interface, networking and I/O

XL6e Model  HE-XL1E0 provides high quality graphics display with 32000+ colors. This product supported by 256KB of application memory with a 0.2mS/K logic scan and high access connectivity device by full Ethernet functionality RS-232/485 ports support RTU/Modbus Master/Slave, ASCII In/Out, and PLC/Drive downloadable protocols, integrated CsCAN port, removable Mass Storage device including SmartRail I/O (Ethernet), HTTP web serving, FTP file transfer, Modbus/TC/IP.
Efficiency power supply and output signal produced only need digital Inputs compatible with 12V/24VDC and Twelve (12) until Sixteen (16) DC Outputs - 0.5A per point.


Horner Automation Group offers high effective with full support products and prepackaged solutions that are on the leading automation edge of technology in all industries. One of those products is all in one controller device that can support from a small operation to a global corporation. All products have many benefits and handled by the expertise support team to automate your processes and make your company more productive and profitable. Finally a Value-Added and Integration Service for customers become the custom solutions that will power your productivity.


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