Thursday, November 5, 2015

Opto 22 Groov Advanced Control Technology for Integrated Monitoring and Control Automation Systems based on Zero Programming

Application control system based smart phones, PCs and tablets have become a necessity in today's modern control systems. One of the products, which has a feature remote control and monitoring of automation is Opto 22 Groov, an application web-based system to build and see the Operator interface for monitoring and automation systems and control equipment, and requires no programming zero or coding. This control process is already accommodate the mobile system and enabling maintenance engineers, facilities managers and automation, as well as service companies, easily and securely monitor and control virtually any automation system or the equipment of the device such as a smart phone, tablet, PC or smart TV.

There are 3 excellent features of this system Opto 22 Groov namely mobility, simplicity, and connectivity with a detailed explanation as follows:

groov opto 22

High Mobility Control System for All Device Production Process

The control system uses a smart phone that can be done anytime and anywhere is a fundamental requirement to support the productivity of the production process. This control process includes all production processes which include: Status engine, factory production, energy usage, security facilities, key performance indicators and much more. Mobile control system makes easier a control engineer to perform some basic functions such as: test the valve in place-no need to walk back to your computer, using cheap tablet as the operator interface for the machine you are building, monitoring control equipment in hazardous environments where you cannot go or where you cannot afford to run a network cable and mobilize technicians in the field and monitor the remote site from anywhere. The working system is based on Internet standards such as HTML5, CSS3, and SVG. All screen elements in groov (we call them gadgets) designed for both touch screen and keyboard / mouse.

Mobile devices are already compatible with this system are: Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, ipod touch, computer, web-enabled HDTV.


Groov application is very easy to configure and manage with only two terms and four steps, and you simply have a mobile application. Groov compatible with any computer with a web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 10) and not require special plugin and supported by the software to install.

The installation process is also relatively easy with 4 simple steps which include: Open a web browser and type the name or IP address as the URL of your Groov, add the device you want to control. Perform gadget tag and save your settings. The installation process does not require special programming and coding.


Groov is a modern control applications based on mobile devices that are compatible with a wide range of automation equipment from all brands such as Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Honeywell, BACnet, Modbus, Schneider, GE, and Yokogawa. You can manage all of these systems (and more) from a smart phone or tablet with groov.

You simply include control and data you need into equipment from different manufacturers in the same groov interface if you wish. Another advantage is no intermediary server or protocol converters are required to add data and control devices for Modbus / TCP Modbus groov you.


Groov is a modern control system based mobile devices are safe, since all communications are encrypted via HTTPS and all connections must be authenticated with username and password. This system was developed as a tool for the Internet of Things Industry 4.0 paradigm to smart factories. Currently Box groov is hardware and software solutions that are ideal for deployment in manufacturing and automation requiring control with high mobility, but produce a good performance and safety.


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