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Specialty Horner Controllers as modular all in one controller ideal for many applications and function keys rated for 30 million operations

One of Horner Group products in the All-in-One Controllers with modularity category is Specialty Controllers that was used  as The Remote Compact Controller  and Remote Control Station. There 2 types All-in-One Controllers with modularity you can choose namely a screen-less controller (RCC and RCX product) and also touch screen all in one modular controller (The RX Color-Touch) that was supported by RX Series controller. Both of them have specific features that hopefully can support user need in the control system design.

RCC, RCX, RX of Horner Controllers

What are those detail features and performance? Here’s you check those as description below:

RCC superior I/O options for a wide range of Process and Discrete manufacturing applications

The Remote Compact Controller (RCC) Model HE-RCC972 has digital and analog I/O with variants range 4-8 DC current voltage. This controller also provides superior I/O options for a wide range of Process and Discrete Manufacturing applications with the ability for the RCC to support hundreds of remote I/O points using Horner’s CsCAN. You can use it to screen-less controller application is the best fit supported by 10/100 Ethernet as standard.

In normal condition for simple application, RCC Controller was supported by eight (8) Digital inputs compatible with 12V/24VDC - four (4) DC Outputs. Current voltage data input require 0.5A per point with eight (8) 12-bit Analog Inputs 0-20mA and four (4) 12-bit Analog outputs 0-20mA.

RCX apllied on screenless controller as compact controller

The Remote Control Station (RCX) Model HE-CX116 has benefits of an Ethernet enabled OCS. It utilizes the same processor found in the XL6 products and applied on screenless controller as compact controller. This device integrated and constructed with a plastic chassis, and supports Plastic SmartStack I/O for local I/O (up to 4 modules).

All controllers have been supported by MicroSD memory slot, One RS-232 port, one RS-485 port cable connection, one CsCAN port, and optional 10/100 Ethernet port. Data process will be speeded up by logic engine supports up to 256K logic, scanned at 0.2mS/K, and having data storage 32Kb of register memory and a Start/Stop push button. Wide range connection can be done easily supported by HTTP web serving, FTP file transfers, SmartRail Ethernet I/O, Modbus/TCP Master/Slave, EGD.

RX Series with resistant Lexan touchscreen feature

RX Series Model HE-RX371 is all-in-one controller with modularity with impact resistant Lexan touchscreen feature. For more life time operation process, please only use this on the normal temperature rating is -30 to +60C and environmental rating is NEMA 4X and IP66. This connectivity uses metal SmartStack I/O or SmartStix I/O supported by USB mini B connector and can be optimized for enhanced shock and vibration protection.

This device has function keys rated for 30 million operations, and conformally coated printed circuit boards and have been supported by many Internet capabilities such as remote data access, programming, hosting HTML-based Web Pages, and FTP sites.


Specialty Controllers as All-in-One Controllers with modularity category has many benefits to be used in modern control system design. It has High-Brightness 5.7" QVGA display with 32000+ colors, microSD slot, CsCAN. Supported by USB mini-B (programming), USB-A, full on-board Ethernet and two RS232/RS485 serial ports make this one of popular product released by Horner Group. For easy application, just read and follow all direction on the manual product description. Any question, do not hesitate to contact full support technical support of the company.


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